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35 - Chapter XX. General Boulanger

In France in the Nineteenth Century

Read by Cate Barratt

Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer

Author Elizabeth Latimer synthesizes notes from a variety of sources to produce this summary of the nation of France in the 19th century. (S…

19- Escape of Clotel

In Clotel, or, The President's Daughter

Read by Cate Barratt

William Wells Brown

Clotel; or, The President's Daughter is a novel by William Wells Brown (1814-84), a fugitive from slavery and abolitionist and was published…

01 - Introducing Mr. Hopkins Toppleton

In Toppleton's Client

Read by Cate Barratt

John Kendrick Bangs

A pre-eminent legal firm gets far more than it bargained for when it hires the son of its late senior partner, Hopkins Toppleton, Sr., simpl…

01 - Preface and Chapter I. The Houses of York and Lancaster

In Margaret of Anjou

Read by Cate Barratt

Jacob Abbott

Margaret of Anjou, wife of England’s Henry VI, played a key role in launching the storied War of the Roses – the 30-year civil conflict fuel…

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