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In Among the Great Masters of the Drama

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Walter Rowlands

In "Among the great masters of the drama; scenes in the lives of famous actors; thirty-two reproductions of famous pictures with text&q…

Chapter III - Contact with Life

In Jane Austen and her Country-House Comedy

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

William Henry Helm

Written for the centenary of Jane Austen's death, W. H. Helm reflects poetically on the timelessness of her work: the must of age has not se…

Ch 7. The Lowell Offering (Continued)

In Loom and Spindle

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Harriet H. Robinson

Harriet Robinson was a frequent contributor to the famous monthly periodical, "The Lowell Offering", which featured poetry, essays…

The Great Sir Henry Morgan

In The Romance of Piracy

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Edward Keble Chatterton

The Library of Romance is a series of books concerning the romance of scientific facts, be it biology, chemistry, history, or politics. This…

Personal Greatness on the Stage - Sir Harry Lauder

In Seen on the Stage

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Clayton Hamilton

A fourth collection of essays on theatre by American critic Clayton Hamilton, intended as a suffix to his earlier works, The Theory of the T…

CHAPTER XVI. That a People accustomed to live under a Prince, if by any acciden…

In Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius, Book 1

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Niccolò Machiavelli

In "Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius", posthumous work by the author of The Prince, Machiavelli discusses the useful…

Ch. 4 Beginning of His Public Career

In Frederick Douglass

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Booker T. Washington

An account of the life of Frederick Douglass, who escaped slavery to become one of the most important and influential abolitionists, authors…

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