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Dracula (version 4)

Read by Corrinne LePage

Bram Stoker

Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. It introduced Count Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequ…

The domestic Life of a Poet - Shenstone vindicated

In Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3

Read by Corrinne LePage

Isaac D'Israeli

This is the third and final volume of Isaac D'Israeli's monumental work Curiosities of Literature. It covers a great range of diverse topics…


In Cakes & Ale, A Dissertation on Banquets Interspersed with Various Recipes, More…

Read by Corrinne LePage

Edward Spencer

A long time ago, an estimable lady fell at the feet of an habitual publisher, and prayed unto him:—“Give, oh! give me the subject of a book …


In Moods

Read by Corrinne LePage

Louisa May Alcott

"Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the wor…

In the Old Four-Posted Bed

In Coppertop

Read by Corrinne LePage

Harold Gaze

The story is about a little girl who meets all manner of strange gnomes, fairies and creatures after she goes to sleep at night. She also ha…


In The Elements of Botany

Read by Corrinne LePage

Asa Gray

The book is intended to ground beginners in Structural Botany and the principles of vegetable life, mainly as concerns Flowering or Phanerog…

JAW - by St. Clair Adams

In It Can Be Done

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This book contains many poems of inspiration, joy and hope. Just the thing to encourage our spirits and strengthen our backbone when troubl…

Fish part 1

In Pantropheon

Read by Corrinne LePage

Alexis Soyer

Soyer was a 'celebrity chef', devising innovations such as water-cooled refrigerators and adjustable temperature ovens. He developed many po…