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Redskin and Cow-Boy: A Tale of the Western Plains

Read by Dory

G. A. Henty

The central interest of this story is found in the many adventures of an English lad who seeks employment as a cowboy on a cattle ranch. His…

Katharine von Bora: Dr. Martin Luther's Wife

Read by Dory

Armin Stein

This is a fictionalized biography of the wife of the reformer Dr. Martin Luther. In the author's words, he hopes that "people may learn…

'Le Roi est mort--vive le Roi.'

In The Prince and the Pauper (version 2)

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Mark Twain

One day a poor boy, Tom, gets a little too near the gates of the palace. and the guards start to beat him. However the prince himself interv…

In Plurimis (On the Abolition of Slavery) May 5, 1888

In Encyclical Letters of Pope Leo XIII

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Pope Leo Xiii

Pope Leo XIII (1810-1903) wrote eighty-eight Encyclicals during his twenty-five year pontificate (1878-1903). Fifty-six of those are include…

Chapter 6: The Fall of the City

In For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem

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G. A. Henty

In all history, there is no drama of more terrible interest than that which terminated with the total destruction of Jerusalem. Had the whol…