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The Beautiful and Damned

Read by E. Tavano

F. Scott Fitzgerald

This novel tells the story of Anthony Patch, a 1920s socialite and presumptive heir to a tycoon's fortune; the relationship with his wife Gl…

Alexander's Bridge (version 2)

Read by E. Tavano

Willa Sibert Cather

Bartley Alexander is a construction engineer and world-renowned builder of bridges going through what's known today (but not in 1912) as a m…

Part 1, Sec 1 & 2

In The Song of the Lark

Read by E. Tavano

Willa Sibert Cather

Set in the 1890s in Moonstone, a fictional place supposedly located in Colorado, The Song of the Lark is the self-portrait of an artist in t…

Religion in the Home

In The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book

Read by E. Tavano

William F. Bigelow

A collection of articles from Good Housekeeping magazine, The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book focuses on the subject of marriage. With instr…

Part 2 - The Mending Apparatus

In The Machine Stops

Read by E. Tavano

E. M. Forster

The Machine Stops is a short science fiction story. It describes a world in which almost all humans have lost the ability to live on the sur…

Chapter II

In The Children of the New Forest

Read by E. Tavano

Frederick Marryat

The children of Colonel Beverley, a Cavalier officer killed at the Battle of Naseby are believed to have died in the flames when their house…

Chapter 14

In Stepping Heavenward

Read by E. Tavano

E. Prentiss and Elizabeth Prentiss

Stepping Heavenward is the journal of a girl named Katherine Mortimer. Katy meets a young man who she loves & wants to marry but her mot…