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The King in Yellow (Version 2)

Read by Eva Staes

Robert W. Chambers

A collection of stories that inspired the works of many writers such as HP Lovecraft, "The King in Yellow" revolves around the pla…

P2. Chapter III

In Mizora: A Prophecy.

Read by Eva Staes

Mary E Bradley Lane

After being exiled from her home and family, Vera Zarovich finds herself in Mizora, a civilization at the center of the Earth made up entire…

I Keep Six Honest Serving-men - Read by ERS

In I Keep Six Honest Serving-men

Read by Eva Staes

Rudyard Kipling

This poem about a child's inquisitiveness, follows the short story The Elephant's Child in Rudyard KIpling's Just So Stories. (1902) - Summ…