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The Light Princess

Read by Fox in the Stars

George MacDonald

Plenty of princesses have been cursed by wicked witches, but the curse placed on this princess by her evil aunt is an unusual one: it remove…

Bible (WEB) 32: Jonah

Read by Fox in the Stars

World English Bible

This short narrative book of the Old Testament contains one of the most famous Bible Stories, of “Jonah and the Whale.” The “great fish” how…

The Congo

Read by Fox in the Stars

Vachel Lindsay

The Congo is one of the best-known poems by American poet Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931). It was revolutionary in its use of sounds and rhythms …

A Calendar of Sonnets

Read by Fox in the Stars

Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Hunt Jackson is probably most famous for her work on behalf of Native Americans’ rights. However, this short volume presents a sonnet …

Chapter 11 – Plain Speaking

In Black Beauty (The Autobiography of a Horse)

Read by Fox in the Stars

Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is Anna Sewell’s first and only novel. The story is told in the “first person” (or first horse) as an autobiographical memoir o…

Barbara Frietchie - Read by LF

In Barbara Frietchie

Read by Fox in the Stars

John Greenleaf Whittier

This was the weekly poem for Flag Day 2006. It tells the largely-apocryphal but nonetheless inspiring story of one old woman’s act of patrio…

The Little Match Girl

In Andersen's Fairy Tales

Read by Fox in the Stars

Hans Christian Andersen

A collection of eighteen fairy tales - some popular, some lesser known - by famous Danish author H.C. Andersen. (Summary by Gesine)

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud - Read by LF

In I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Read by Fox in the Stars

William Wordsworth

This was the weekly poetry project for 14 May 2006. Spring’s flowers come and go all too quickly, but Wordsworth’s classic poem reminds us …

Version 4

In If

Read by Fox in the Stars

Rudyard Kipling

LibriVox’s weekly poetry project for the week of January 29, 2006: This popular piece was voted Britain’s favourite poem in a BBC opinion po…

Jazz Fantasia - Read by LF

In Jazz Fantasia

Read by Fox in the Stars

Carl Sandburg

As our weekly poem of 30-July-2006, “Jazz Fantasia” was a special challenge because it isn’t just about jazz, it IS jazz. The rhythm is cent…

Chapter 07

In Death Be Not Proud

Read by Fox in the Stars

John Donne

This week we’re marking the American Memorial Day with eleven readings of a John Donne poem. Memorial Day was conceived as a time to remembe…

Song of Wandering Aengus - read by LF

In The Song of Wandering Aengus

Read by Fox in the Stars

William Butler Yeats

LibriVox volunteers bring you eighteen different readings of The Song of Wandering Aengus, by Irish poet William Butler Yeats, to celebrate …

Chapter 18

In The Spy

Read by Fox in the Stars

cooper_jf and James Fenimore Cooper

James Fenimore Cooper's second novel, The Spy (1821), is based on Sir Walter Scott's Waverly series, and tells an adventure tale about the A…