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16 I Try Literature

In The Type-Writer Girl

Read by Grant Hurlock

Grant Allen

(under the pseudonym Olive Pratt Rayner) "There is no more pathetic figure in our world to-day than the common figure of the poor young…

Chapter I - Prologue

In Find the Woman

Read by Grant Hurlock

Gelett Burgess and Frank Gelett Burgess

Who was Belle Charmion? If you really care to know, as John Fenton did, you must go with him on his quest, hither and yon over New York, int…

01 - Chapter I

In Miss Pim's Camouflage

Read by Grant Hurlock

Lady Dorothy Stanley and Dorothy Tennant

Mid-WWI, staid Englishwoman Miss Perdita Pim suffers a sunstroke gardening & gains the power of invisibility. She becomes a super-secre…

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