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The sufficiency of Scripture unto the end for which it was instituted

In Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, Book 1

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Richard Hooker

Hooker resolved to investigate the position of the English Church, and to attempt to answer the question What is the basis upon which Church…

A Brief Admonition Written by Master Bradford in a New Testament of a Friend of…

In Meditations and Prayers

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John Bradford

The writings of Bradford, as a chaplain and friend of Bishop Ridley, are of interest to all churchmen; and they embrace topics of deep impor…

To all Parents, School-Masters and School-Mistresses, or any who have any hand …

In A Token for Children

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James Janeway

Some of you have had the privilege to carry in your bosoms some of those . . . unfledged angels sent here but for a little while and then ca…


In To My Younger Brethren

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Handley Moule and Handley Carr Glyn Moule

Let me explain in this first sentence that when in these pages I address "my Younger Brethren," I mean brethren in the Christian M…

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