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The Great Shadow

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Set in an English-Scottish border village during the waning days of the Napoleonic era, this adventure story introduces us to Jock Calder, w…

The Watchers

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A. E. W. Mason

A dark tale of adventure, piracy, murder, and revenge set on a rugged Cornish island in the mid-1700s. Told with the literary excellence to …

The Circular Study

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Anna Katharine Green

In this well-plotted, character-driven mystery, Detective Gryce receives a cryptic message calling him to the scene of a “strange” crime. He…

A Confederate Girl's Diary

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Sarah Morgan Dawson

Sarah Morgan Dawson was a young woman of 20 living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when she began this diary. The American Civil War was raging. …

The Hand in the Dark

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Arthur J. Rees

An ancient English country house with a storied and bloody history is the setting for this intriguing mystery. It is the autumn of 1918. The…

The Blithedale Romance

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Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Blithedale Romance is the story of four principal characters who work with -- and sometimes against -- each other on Blithedale, a commu…

Christmas, A Story

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Zona Gale

This is a gentle Christmas story, whose message is that if we didn't already have Christmas, we'd find a way to invent it. It's hard times i…

Miss or Mrs.?

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Wilkie Collins

Natalie Graybrooke is in love with her cousin Launcelot Linzie, but engaged to Mr. Turlington, an older man who covets her fortune and whom …

The Mill Mystery

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Anna Katharine Green

In the quiet New England village of S--, a young and beloved minister is found dead, ignominiously drowned in a dye vat in a dilapidated mil…

The Shadow of the Rope

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E. W. Hornung

Rachel Minchin stands in the dock, accused of murdering the dissolute husband she was preparing to leave. The trial is sensational, and publ…

The Corner House

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Fred M. White

A deserted house with a troubled past. A mysterious countess who captivates everyone with her wealth and beauty -- well, almost everyone. An…

The Datchet Diamonds

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Richard Marsh

Oh dear! The Duchess of Datchet's diamonds, worth a quarter of a million pounds, have been stolen. Just as Mr. Paxton, a ne'er do well gambl…

The Woman of Mystery

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Maurice Leblanc

In 1898, a young boy watches in horror as his father is stabbed to death by a mysterious woman wearing a black lace scarf and an ornate broo…


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Edith Wharton

Kate Orme, shocked by the discovery of her fiance's complicity in a tragedy, and by society's willingness to overlook such transgressions, n…

Stolen Idols

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E. Phillips Oppenheim

Two temple statues, one with the most beautiful of features, the other a hideous sight, are at the core of this tale of adventure and the su…

Ramona (version 2)

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Helen Hunt Jackson

Set in Old California in the wake of the Mexican-American War, Ramona is two stories at once. It is the story of the love between a part-Nat…


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A. E. W. Mason

This well-written novel is a fictional account of a true historical rescue mission. In 1719, at the age of 17, when she was on her way acros…

The Death of the Lion

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Henry James

This short novel is a black comedy about fame, manipulation, pretension, and surviving it all. The narrator, a reprehensible and seedy journ…

That Affair at Elizabeth (version 2)

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Burton Egbert Stevenson

A bride-to-be vanishes and mystery is born. Before it is solved, its pursuers uncover madness, treachery, and a grave in a cellar. Summary …

Recalled to Life

Read by Jacquerie

Grant Allen

A woman is haunted by a terrible event she witnessed in her youth but is unable to make sense of -- a murder, the sight of which is so traum…

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