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A Christmas Carol (Version 03)

Read by Jeff Robinson

Charles Dickens

Old miser Ebenezer Scrooge undergoes a major transformation after being visited by his deceased colleague Jacob Marley, who warns him to cha…


Read by Jeff Robinson

Frank Norris

McTeague is a simple dentist who becomes infatuated with Trina, the cousin of his friend Marcus. Trina then buys a winning lottery ticket wo…


In The Town Down the River: A Book of Poems

Read by Jeff Moon

Edwin Arlington Robinson

This is a volume of poetry by Edwin Arlington Robinson, dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt. This volume also contains his lesser known shorter …

The Second Set Of Tables

In The Bible For Young People Vol. 1

Read by Jeff Robinson


"The Bible for Young People tells the sweet and simple stories of the Bible in the Bible language, omitting only genealogies and doctri…

A Hurricane and a Ship-Wreck

In A Boy Crusoe

Read by Jeff Robinson

Allan Eric

Also published as" A Yankee Crusoe" . A 15 year old hard working and studious farm boy finds the lure of adventure on the seas as …

Vol. 1 chapter 7 Another Sunday Evening

In The Seaboard Parish

Read by Jeff Robinson

George MacDonald

This is Second book of Three series. All the same characters from the first book, just with a few new friends and family members. The Pastor…

Filial Piety

In Captain Blood

Read by Jeff Robinson

Rafael Sabatini

Captain Blood is an adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini, originally published in 1922. It concerns the sharp-witted Dr. Peter Blood, an Irish…