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The Basis Of Morality

Read by Jeffrey Allen Stumpf

Arthur Schopenhauer

In 1837, the Danish Royal Society of Sciences offered a prize to any essayist who could satisfactorily answer the question, "Is the fou…

Chapter 28 Carnal death destroys the body limited in space and the consciousnes…

In On Life

Read by Jeffrey Allen Stumpf

Leo Tolstoy

What is the "good life" for us mortal beings? Two months spent recovering from a severe injury allowed Tolstoy to develop and orga…

The Automobile Arrives

In Billy Whiskers at the Fair

Read by Jeffrey Allen Stumpf

Frances Trego Montgomery

Who doesn’t love a fair? Billy Whiskers, the mischievous goat sure does! When he leaves Cloverleaf farm his adventures take him to the lau…

The Just Judge

In Zadig or The Book of Fate (Version 2)

Read by Jeffrey Allen Stumpf


"there is no Evil under the Sun, but some Good proceeds from it:" -- this quote from this novel sums it up. One of Voltaire's most…