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What Shall We Do?

Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt

Leo Tolstoy

A vivid description of wealth and poverty in Russia in Tolstoy's day, an inquiry into the root causes of economic inequality, and a vision o…

The Trial of a New Society

Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt

Justus Ebert

In 1912 textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts, mostly immigrants, went on strike in response to a pay cut, speedups, and unsafe working…


Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt

Victor Hugo

1793. The new revolutionary government of France is laboring mightily to end injustice and bring in an ideal new age of liberty, equality, a…

Sonnets from Hafez and Other Verses

Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt

Elizabeth Bridges Daryush and Hafez

Elizabeth Bridges (at the time of this book's publication--later Elizabeth Bridges Dayrush) was a turn-of-the-century English poet who marri…

The Appointment for Rainbarrow

In The Lavender Dragon

Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt

Eden Phillpotts

A well meaning dragon steals lonely humans to populate his version of paradise. A knight-errant comes to the rescue, but finds this terribl…