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The Dark Frigate

Read by Kathrine Engan

Charles Boardman Hawes

The frigate Rose of Devon rescues from a wreck in mid-ocean twelve men who show their gratitude by seizing the Rose, killing her captain and…


Read by Kathrine Engan

Knut Hamsun

Pan tells the story Lieutenant Glahn and his summer in a forest north in Norway. He lives in a hut with his dog Aesop and they spend their d…

The Last of the Vikings

Read by Kathrine Engan

Johan Bojer

In a small village on the coast of Northern Norway lives the Myran family. Father is a fisher man and is, in the eyes of the oldest son, lik…

Den siste viking

Read by Kathrine Engan

Johan Bojer

Denne romanen forteller historien om ei gruppe fattige fiskere på begynnelsen av 1900-tallet og et års Lofotfiske. Vi føl…


In The Stoneground Ghost Tales

Read by Kathrine Engan

Edmund Gill Swain

The Stoneground Ghost Tales is a collection of nine short stories set in and around a church and parish on the edge of England's fen country…


In Jataka Tales

Read by Kathrine Engan

Ellen C. Babbitt

Jataka Tales form a part of the collective Indian Fairy tales with the only distinction that most of Jataka Tales have a moral. These are fa…

Book 7, Chapter 17 to 32

In On Benefits (De Beneficiis)

Read by Kathrine Engan

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

De Beneficiis (English: On Benefits) is one of the moral essays composed by Seneca, Roman author of the 1st century CE. It deals with Stoic …

01 - "Land!"

In Our Little Australian Cousin

Read by Kathrine Engan

Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

Another delightful look back at how people and children lived in the late 1800s in this part of the British Empire. This book introduces us …

The Journey

In Little Busybodies: The Life of Crickets, Ants, Bees, and Others

Read by Kathrine Engan

Jeannette Augustus Marks and Julia Moody

These short stories about crickets, ants, bees, beetles and other little busybodies are intended by the two authors to show their children t…

The Nansen Polar Expedition

In The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 07 - 10. October 1896

Read by Kathrine Engan

Ernest A. Man and National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the October Number. It includes the following articles:* California by the Hon. Ge…

Scoutcraft, part 5

In Boy Scouts Handbook

Read by Kathrine Engan

Boy Scouts of America and Boy Scouts Of America

The Boy Scouts of America was founded over a hundred years ago to serve the young men of the United States of America and give them the same…