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Choosing a Lifework

In Beautiful Girlhood

Read by Laura Caldwell

Mabel Hale

The transitioning years between girlhood and womanhood are an exciting time for a girl, as well as tumultuous and confusing. Beautiful Girlh…

03 - Pupils in Piracy

In Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts (version 2)

Read by Laura Caldwell

Frank R. Stockton

Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts is a non-fiction, rollicking story of the origins of piracy and of the famous pirates of the coasts of …


In Famous Men of Modern Times

Read by Laura Caldwell

John H. Haaren and A. B. Poland and John Henry Haaren

Famous Men of Modern Times is a series of biographical sketches written for the purpose of making the study of history lively and interestin…

Influence of Politics and Religion on the Hair and Beard

In Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Volume 1

Read by Laura Caldwell

Charles Mackay

The book chronicles and vilifies its targets in three parts: "National Delusions", "Peculiar Follies", and "Philoso…

THREE COUSINS QUITE UNLIKE: The Black and White Warbler, the Maryland Yellow-Th…

In The Burgess Bird Book for Children

Read by Laura Caldwell

Thornton W. Burgess

The Burgess Bird Book for Children is a zoology book written in the form of a story featuring Peter Rabbit. Peter learns from his friend Je…

The Rich Man's Son Who Was Sold as a Slave

In Hurlbut's Story of the Bible Part 1

Read by Laura Caldwell

Jesse Lyman Hurlbut

Some years ago, the editor of an English magazine sent a communication to "the hundred greatest men in Great Britain" asking them …

Book Two, Sections V-VI

In Politics

Read by Laura Caldwell

Aristotle (tr. Jowett) and Aristotle

The Politics, by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, is one of the most influential texts in political philosophy. In it, Aristotle exp…

Foreword and Preface

In Our Vanishing Wild Life

Read by Laura Caldwell

William T. Hornaday

We are weary of witnessing the greed, selfishness and cruelty of "civilized" man toward the wild creatures of the earth. We are si…

Chapter VII: Patience Camp

In South! The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917

Read by Laura Caldwell

Ernest Shackleton

Shackleton's most famous expedition was planned to be an attempt to cross Antarctica from the Weddell Sea south of the Atlantic to the Ross …

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