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A Watcher on the Heights

In Wild Life on the Rockies

Read by Laura Caldwell

Enos A. Mills

"This book contains the record of a few of the many happy days and novel experiences which I have had in the wilds. For more than twent…

07 - Chapter 7

In A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison

Read by Laura Caldwell

James E. Seaver

Mrs. Mary Jemison was taken by the Indians, in the year 1755, when only about twelve years of age, and has continued to reside amongst them …

12 - Uncle John Gets Acquainted

In Aunt Jane's Nieces

Read by Laura Caldwell

L. Frank Baum

Jane Merrick is a wealthy, elderly, difficult invalid woman who is preparing for her approaching death. In her youth, she inherited her mone…

The King Who Led Israel to Sin

In Hurlbut's Story of the Bible Part 4

Read by Laura Caldwell

Jesse Lyman Hurlbut

Some years ago, the editor of an English magazine sent a communication to "the hundred greatest men in Great Britain" asking them …


In Famous Men of Rome

Read by Laura Caldwell

John H. Haaren and A. B. Poland and John Henry Haaren

Biographical sketches of the men of Rome, written for children. (Summary by Laura Caldwell)


In Great Artists: Volume 1

Read by Laura Caldwell

Jennie Ellis Keysor

Biographies of Raphael Santi, Murillo, Peter Paul Rubens, and Albrecht Durer. This is a wonderful tool for art study as there are references…

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