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Nothing of Importance

Read by Lee Smalley

John Bernard Pye Adams

Fighting in France during the Great War, Bernard Adams, an officer with a Welsh battalion, was moved to chronicle what he saw and experience…

Fresh Every Hour

Read by Lee Smalley

John Peter Toohey

This book is best described by its subtitle: “DETAILING the Adventures, Comic and Pathetic of one Jimmy Martin, Purveyor of Publicity, a You…

The Color of a Great City

Read by Lee Smalley

Theodore Dreiser

Theodore Dreiser was highly acclaimed for his novels and other writing. This non-fiction work takes place in many areas of New York City in …

A German Deserter's War Experience

Read by Lee Smalley

Anonymoustranslated Byjulius Koettgen

The author of this 1917 narrative, who escaped from Germany and military service after 14 months of fighting in France, did not wish to have…

A Rebel's Recollections

Read by Lee Smalley

George Eggleston

George Cary Eggleston's Civil War memoir begins with a separate essay on the living conditions and political opinions of Virginia’s citizenr…

The Burning Secret

Read by Lee Smalley

Stefan Zweig

A lonely, convalescing 12 year-old boy and his attractive mother, who is in a loveless marriage, meet a gentleman while vacationing at a Eur…

The Essentials of Spirituality

Read by Lee Smalley

Felix Adler

This recording contains four addresses of Felix Adler (1851-1933) concerning spirituality from the perspective of Ethical Culture, an educat…

In the Village of Viger

Read by Lee Smalley

Duncan Campbell Scott

These ten superb short stories of Duncan Campbell Scott, published in 1896, portray humorous, farcical, and tragic aspects of life in the fi…

A Slav Soul and Other Stories

Read by Lee Smalley

Aleksandr Kuprin

Novelist and short story writer Alexandr Ivanovich Kuprin (1870-1938) was one of the most widely read authors of his time. Nabokov called hi…

The Four Stragglers

Read by Lee Smalley

Frank L. Packard

This thrilling novel teems with intrigue and unforgettable characters. It opens during WWI with a few allied soldiers lost at night behind G…

A Lear of the Steppes, etc.

Read by Lee Smalley

Ivan Turgenev

This book contains three novellas by one of the major writers of Russian literature. The first, A LEAR OF THE STEPPES, is a brilliant re-ima…

Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

Read by Lee Smalley

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass published his highly acclaimed third autobiography, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, in 1881 and revised it in 1892.…


Read by Lee Smalley

Joseph Patterson

Cinematic in style and rich in characterization, this novel is set in early 20th century Chicago – in a barroom, at home, and in the workpla…

Out of Mulberry Street

Read by Lee Smalley

Jacob A. Riis

These riveting accounts by Jacob A. Riis are from the late 19th century, when lower Manhattan was teeming with struggling, near-starving imm…

The Smoke Eaters

Read by Lee Smalley

Harvey Jerrold O'Higgins

This book vividly brings to life the unimaginable risks of fire-fighting and the bravery and personal interactions of Captain Meaghan and th…

The Heir

Read by Lee Smalley

Vita Sackville-West

This collection’s title is taken from its first story, a novella, which is followed by four shorter tales, all expertly and sensitively draw…

Washington and the Riddle of Peace

Read by Lee Smalley

H. G. Wells

As an observer at the WASHINGTON CONFERENCE FOR THE LIMITATION OF ARMAMENTS held in 1921 and attended by the victorious nations of The Great…


Read by Lee Smalley

John Galsworthy

Brief plot lines of these 16 stories by Nobel Prize winning author John Galsworthy: 01, 02, 03 "A Feud" The breaking of an engag…

Diary of a Suicide

Read by Lee Smalley

Wallace E. Baker

“Mr. B. Russell Herts, c/o International Magazine, New York City. Under separate cover I am sending you a record of a young man who is about…

In the Line of Battle

Read by Lee Smalley

Walter Wood

“A COLLECTION OF absolutely authentic accounts by privates and non-commissioned officers.... We see a great simplicity and directness of obs…

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