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Tales of the Uneasy

Read by Lisa Reichert

Violet Hunt

Nine twisty-turny tales of tragic human drama, played out in Victorian parlors, death beds and lonely country roads. This collection of Viol…

The Hound From the North

Read by Lisa Reichert

Ridgwell Cullum

Gold! Opium! Love! Murder! Revenge! Prairie intrigue at its best: Prudence helps her mother run a ranch in southern Manitoba. Her brother ha…

White Rose of Weary Leaf

Read by Lisa Reichert

Violet Hunt

Isobel Violet Hunt was a British author renowned for her literary salons, which hosted such notables as H.G. Wells, D.H. Laurence, Henry Jam…

A Woman's Life

Read by Lisa Reichert

Guy de Maupassant

Having spent her girlhood at a convent getting a good education, Jeanne has just returned home and is a happy young woman full of hope and e…

No Surrender

Read by Lisa Reichert

Constance Elizabeth Maud

Written from the midst of the struggle for female suffrage, Constance Elizabeth Maud’s novel No Surrender (1911) is a Call to Arms. It is a …

The Vertical City

Read by Lisa Reichert

Fannie Hurst

As the city above soars gloriously skyward, the denizens of the city writhe in its dirty underbelly.The Vertical City is a collection of six…

His Masterpiece

Read by Lisa Reichert

Émile Zola

“His Masterpiece" (“L’Oeuvre”) is a fictionalized account of the Parisian art world in the mid 19th century, and the emerging Realism, …

Tongues of Conscience

Read by Lisa Reichert

Robert Smythe Hichens

Tongues of Conscience (1898) is a collection of five thought-provoking stories where an innocent, but selfish, action leads to horrific cons…

book VI, chapter XXXV

In The Tragic Muse

Read by Lisa Reichert

Henry James

Art or politics, this is the question Nick Dormer dealls with in the course of this novel. Mirian Ruth, an aspiring actress, is the "tr…