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06 - The Saddest Soldier

In The Ghost of Kingdom Come

Read by Maria Therese

Rev. Gerald T. Brennan

A word about ghosts.Do you believe in Ghosts? Are you afraid of Ghost? Ghosts are truly real. St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. Bridget are real g…

Looking for Santa Claus

In Christmas Short Works Collection 2010

Read by Maria Therese

Francis J. Finn and Francis J. Finn, S.J.

This multilingual Christmas Short Works Collection for 2010 contains public domain short stories, essays, poems and scripture passages recor…

2 - Chapter Two

In Clouds Cover the Campus

Read by Maria Therese

Daniel A. Lord, S.J. and Daniel A. Lord

On an American college campus, in the early years of World War II, a professor from Germany is murdered and the plans for a new bomb sight h…

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