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Bible (Wycliffe) 21: Ecclesiastes

Read by Martin Geeson

Wycliffe Bible and Wycliffe Bibletranslated Byjohn Wycliffe

“... an alemaunde tre schal floure, a locuste schal be maad fat, and capparis schal be distried; for a man schal go in to the hous of his eu…

The Soul of Man

Read by Martin Geeson

Oscar Wilde

“(T)he past is what man should not have been. The present is what man ought not to be. The future is what artists are.”Published originally …

A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy

Read by Martin Geeson

Laurence Sterne

After the bizarre textual antics of "Tristram Shandy", this book would seem to require a literary health warning. Sure enough, it …

Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions

Read by Martin Geeson

Frank Harris

Consumers of biography are familiar with the division between memoirs of the living or recently dead written by those who "knew" t…

Hero and Leander

Read by Martin Geeson

Christopher Marlowe

“Who ever lov’d, that lov’d not at first sight?”The wonder-decade of the English drama was suddenly interrupted in 1592, when serious plague…

The Greek View of Life

Read by Martin Geeson

Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson

“With the Greek civilisation beauty perished from the world. Never again has it been possible for man to believe that harmony is in fact the…

Oscar Wilde: Art and Morality

Read by Martin Geeson

Stuart Mason

“Who can help laughing when an ordinary journalist seriously proposes to limit the subject-matter at the disposal of the artist?”“We are dom…

Against The Grain, or Against Nature

Read by Martin Geeson

Joris-Karl Huysmans

“THE BOOK THAT DORIAN GRAY LOVED AND THAT INSPIRED OSCAR WILDE”. Such is the enticing epigraph of one early translation of Huysmans’ cult no…

The Dancing Mania

Read by Martin Geeson

Justus Hecker

Numerous theories have been proposed for the causes of dancing mania, and it remains unclear whether it was a real illness or a social pheno…

02 - "These preliminary confessions..."

In Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

Read by Martin Geeson

Thomas de Quincey and Thomas De Quincey

“Thou hast the keys of Paradise, O just, subtle, and mighty Opium!”Though apparently presenting the reader with a collage of poignant memori…

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