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Sermons to Children

Read by MaryAnn

Sabine Baring-Gould

Twenty-three sermons where the truth to be taught is appended to a story as a Moral. Some of these sermons reflect the doctrines of infant …

Over Here and Over There

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Harry Zody

In publishing this book I have no intention whatsoever to offer a work of great literary value. As such it would undoubtedly be a failure, …

The Angels' Song

Read by MaryAnn

Thomas Guthrie

All of the earthly trappings of a royal birth were absent from the birth of Jesus, yet the angels filled the heavens with the song "Glo…

A Plea for Ragged Schools; or, Prevention Better than Cure

Read by MaryAnn

Thomas Guthrie

The Reverend Thomas Guthrie was first introduced to the idea of ragged schools in 1841, while acting as the Parish Minister of St. John's Ch…

Israel: A Prince with God

Read by MaryAnn

Frederick Brotherton Meyer

An old-world story this! In its strange Eastern dress, it appears to be as remote from us as the garb of an Arab, or the barter of an Orien…

John Remington, Martyr

Read by MaryAnn


John and his new wife, Mattie, have moved, together with Aunt Martha, to the city to pastor a church there. Their story continues in town, …

Mimosa, Who Was Charmed

Read by MaryAnn

Amy Wilson Carmichael

“This story is true. It tells the eternally new tale of the matchless charm of our Lord Jesus Christ. One look at that loveliness, and, th…

Hours of Sorrow

Read by MaryAnn

Charlotte Elliott

Poems from the author of the beloved hymn, "Just as I Am", chiefly adapted to seasons of sickness, depression and bereavement. Ell…

Portion 6: Section 28: Fifth Annual Message, 'To the Senate and House of Repres…

In A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents: Ulysses S. Grant

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James D. Richardson and Ulysses S. Grant

The Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents is an eleven-volume series of tomes comprising of proclamations, special messag…

A Day at at Time

In A Day at a Time and Other Talks on Life and Religion

Read by MaryAnn

Archibald Alexander

This book [was] written in war-time to minister comfort and, if it may be, to reinforce hope and faith. (from the Dedication)

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