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Over Here and Over There

Read by MaryAnn

Harry Zody

In publishing this book I have no intention whatsoever to offer a work of great literary value. As such it would undoubtedly be a failure, …

Sermons to Children

Read by MaryAnn

Sabine Baring-Gould

Twenty-three sermons where the truth to be taught is appended to a story as a Moral. Some of these sermons reflect the doctrines of infant …

A Plea for Ragged Schools; or, Prevention Better than Cure

Read by MaryAnn

Thomas Guthrie

The Reverend Thomas Guthrie was first introduced to the idea of ragged schools in 1841, while acting as the Parish Minister of St. John's Ch…

The Angels' Song

Read by MaryAnn

Thomas Guthrie

All of the earthly trappings of a royal birth were absent from the birth of Jesus, yet the angels filled the heavens with the song "Glo…

Author's Note and Preface

In My Lady of the Chinese Courtyard

Read by MaryAnn

Elizabeth Cooper

"I hope that this book, based on letters shown me many years after they were written, will give a faint idea of the life of a Chinese l…

A New Red Riding-Hood

In Kitty's Picnic and other Stories

Read by MaryAnn


A collection of short stories for boys and girls that spark the imagination and teach life lessons. (summary by Ladeebug)

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