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Read by Mike Pelton

Philip Wylie

Gladiator by Philip Wylie is the story of a man who although normal in all other ways, through the genius of his Father a biologist attains …

The Journal of Julius Rodman

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Edgar Allan Poe

The Journal of Julius Rodman, Being an Account of the First Passage across the Rocky Mountains of North America Ever Achieved by Civilized M…

02 -- Ch First, Parts 4-6

In God, the Invisible King

Read by Mike Pelton

H. G. Wells

Wells wrote in his book God the Invisible King that his idea of God did not draw upon the traditional religions of the world: "This boo…

Part 1. Chapter 2

In Omega: The Last Days of the World

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Camille Flammarion

Omega: The Last Days of the World is a science fiction novel published in 1894 by Camille Flammarion. On 25th century Earth, a comet made mo…

01 - Chapter 1 - Youth and Early Services, Part 1

In Alexander Hamilton

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Charles A. Conant

Alexander Hamilton was a significant figure in the political and economic development of the early United States. He served in the American …

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, Chapter 19

In The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Raven Edition, Volume 3

Read by Mike Pelton

Edgar Allan Poe

This, the third of 5 volumes containing Poe's works, contains 6 of his short stories as well as Poe's only complete novel, The Narrative of …