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Canto Second

In The Lord of the Isles

Read by Nathan

Sir Walter Scott

In stunning narrative poetry, the story begins during the time when Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick has been hunted out of Scotland into exile…

00 Prefatory

In The Divine Enchantment

Read by Nathan

John Niehardt and John Neihardt

When the princess Devanaguy falls into a deep trance-like sleep, she is visited by the god Vishnu: who causes her to fall pregnant with his …

Book 2

In The Battle of Marathon

Read by Nathan

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The Battle of Marathon is a rhymed, dramatic, narrative-poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Written in 1820, it retells powerfully The Battl…

Stanzas 1-11

In The Siege of Corinth

Read by Nathan

Lord George Gordon Byron and George Gordon, Lord Byron

In this moving poem, Byron recounts the final, desperate resistance of the Venetians on the day the Ottoman army stormed Acrocorinth: reveal…

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