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Phúlmati Rání, or The Flower Lady

In Children's Short Works, Vol. 015

Read by NoelBadrian


LibriVox’s Children’s Short Works Collection 015: a collection of 15 short works for children in the public domain read by a variety of Libr…

29 - Mr. Houghton Wants a Glass of Sherry

In Is He Popenjoy ?

Read by NoelBadrian

Anthony Trollope

Trollope returns in Is He Popenjoy to two of his favorite subjects: property and inheritance. As in "Doctor Thorne," the issues ar…

12 - The Widow and her Son

In The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.

Read by NoelBadrian

Washington Irving

Apart from "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" - the pieces which made both Irving and The Sketch Book fa…

The American Invasion

In Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 025

Read by NoelBadrian

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) and Oscar Wilde

A collection of short nonfiction works in the public domain. The selections included in this collection were independently chosen by the re…

The Fiddler of Dooney - Read by NLB

In The Fiddler of Dooney

Read by NoelBadrian

William Butler Yeats

LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of The Fiddler of Dooney by William Butler Yeats. This was the Weekly Poetry project for Decembe…


In Short Poetry Collection 103

Read by NoelBadrian

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) and Rudyard Kipling

This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for December 2011.

Book Thirteenth - Imagination and Taste, How Impaired and Restored—concluded.

In The Prelude

Read by NoelBadrian

William Wordsworth

Among monuments of narrative poetry, The Prelude; or, Growth of a Poet's Mind, by William Wordsworth, occupies a unique place. Wordsworth pu…

Strange Wills

In Curiosities of Olden Times

Read by NoelBadrian

Sabine Baring-Gould

This book is a collection of 17 gems of random knowledge, such as what women are made of and the philosopher's stone, written in Baring-Goul…

01 - The Lost Duchess, Chapter 1

In Amusement Only

Read by NoelBadrian

Richard Marsh

This is a collection of 12 short stories of mystery and humor, which are, as the title says, for amusement only. (Summary by Carolin)


In Letters from a Cat

Read by NoelBadrian

Helen Hunt Jackson

Letters from a Cat: published by her mistress for the benefit of all cats and the amusement of little children is a collection of letters th…

In the Clay

In The Untilled Field

Read by NoelBadrian

George Moore and George Logan Moore

George Moore, an Irish writer involved with the Celtic Revival was influenced by the French Realists and particularly by the work of É…

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