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The Doings of Raffles Haw

Read by Patrick Wells

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The people of the small town of Tamfield are not used to exciting things happening. When millionaire Raffles Haw moves to town, rumors sprea…

Martin Chuzzlewit - How Martin Left England

In Tales From Dickens

Read by Patrick Wells

Hallie Erminie Rives

The Old Curiosity Shop; Hard Times; A Tale of Two Cities; Oliver Twist; The Pickwick Papers. Have you read any or all of these famous Dicken…

Disease Germs in the Air

In Meteorology; or Weather Explained

Read by Patrick Wells

J. G. M'Pherson

Weather Explained: Fog, clouds, rain, haze, thunder, cyclones, dew point and how to count dust motes are just a few of the 35 topics covered…


In How to Appreciate Music

Read by Patrick Wells

Gustav Kobbé

Originally published in 1906, this book is essentially a how to guide on music appreciation. Includes sections on the pianoforte, orchestral…

Chapter 42 - Psalms 120 - 127

In Bible (KJV) 19: Psalms (version 2)

Read by Patrick Wells

King James Version

The book of Psalms is a collection of the works of at least six authors.The book of Psalms has been a source of inspiration to all those bel…

02 - In which Kin-Fo and the Philosopher are more fully described

In The Tribulations of a Chinaman in China

Read by Patrick Wells

Jules Verne

The rich and phlegmatic Kin-Fo loses his fortune and decides to die, but not before experiencing some strong emotions. He asks his friend Wa…

20- Miscellaneous Terms (continued)

In Music Notation and Terminology

Read by Patrick Wells

Karl Wilson Gehrkens

Until relatively recently, music students at all levels of study—from the conservatories to public schools—had few resources available for t…

01 - Contradictory Letters

In The Underground City or the Child of the Cavern

Read by Patrick Wells

Jules Verne

Covering a time span of over ten years, this novel follows the fortunes of the mining community of Aberfoyle near Stirling, Scotland. Receiv…