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Montezuma's Daughter

Read by Patrick79

H. Rider Haggard

A moving adventure story narrated by Thomas Wingfield, an Englishman, for Queen Elizabeth 1 of England about the murder of his mother, his t…

The Mysterious Stranger

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Mark Twain

Mark Twain wrote this fairytale style story about 3 boys who meet Satan's cousin and they experience many things during this time. The story…

Stella Fregelius

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H. Rider Haggard

Following a shipwreck Stella is preparing to die but is unexpectedly rescued. A love triangle of an unusual sort develops where an inventor …

The Regeneration of Lord Ernie

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Algernon Blackwood

"The Regeneration of Lord Ernie is a story about a young man with no passion for life, he was very capable and the heir to a large fami…

The Bear and the Wrens

In A Book of Fairy-Tale Bears

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Clifton Johnson

Bears make an appearance in so many fairy tales and fables, it is difficult to imagine a fairy-tale world without them. However, in most of …

The Upper Berth by F. Marion Crawford

In The Broken Shaft: Tales in Mid-Ocean

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Henry Norman

This special anthology, published in 1885, is formed of seven stories, together with an introductory chapter setting up a framing narrative …