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Billy in Bunbury

Read by Patti Cunningham

Royal Baking Powder Company

This 1924 poem/recipe book, designed as promotional material for the Royal Baking Powder Company, is set in the Oz community of Bunbury. Lit…

Seven O'Clock Stories

Read by Patti Cunningham

Robert Gordon Anderson

"Not once upon a time but just now, in a white house by the side of a road, live three happy children. Their mother and father gave the…

Tom Ossington's Ghost

Read by Patti Cunningham

Richard Marsh

Madge and Ella have lived at Clover Cottage for six weeks when a series of strange events begin to occur. A gentleman who arrives asking for…

Bungay Castle: A Novel

Read by Patti Cunningham

Elizabeth Bonhôte

Bungay Castle is a gothic novel by Elizabeth Bonhôte. It was first published in 1796 and follows the fortunes of the De Morney family …

Marriage, volume 1

Read by Patti Cunningham

Susan Edmonstoune Ferrier

"Love!--A word by superstition thought a God; by use turned to an humour; by self-will made a flattering madness." - Alexander and…

16 - Chapter XVI

In Irene Iddesleigh

Read by Patti Cunningham

Amanda McKittrick Ros and Amanda Mckittrick Ros

Amanda McKittrick Ros, a Northern Irish writer, did for the novel what William McGonagall did for poetry and Florence Foster Jenkins for the…

28 - On the Cannon Car

In Insurgent Mexico

Read by Patti Cunningham

John Reed

In the autumn of 1913 John Reed was sent to Mexico by the Metropolitan Magazine to report the Mexican Revolution. He shared the perils of Pa…

Chapters 5 - 9

In The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse (Dramatic Reading)

Read by Patti Cunningham

Thornton W. Burgess

Danny begins his tale regretting the length of his tail until he is corrected by Mr. Toad. Then he has a series of stalkings by Reddy and Gr…

10 - Chapter X

In The Rome Express

Read by Patti Cunningham

Arthur Griffiths

The passengers in the sleeping car of the Rome Express were just woken and informed that they will reach Paris soon, and a bustle ensues. On…

Chapter 4

In Mr. Wicker's Window

Read by Patti Cunningham

Carley Dawson

When twelve-year-old Chris entered Mr. Wicker's shop to inquire about a job for his friend, something about old Mr. Wicker forced him to tak…