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Book I - XI - Tu Ne Quaesieris

In The Odes and Carmen Saeculare

Read by Peter Tucker

Quintus Horatius Flaccus

Flawlessly hammered out, as if from eternal bronze—"aere perennius"—The Odes of Horace are the consummate expression of the pride,…

068 - Paradiso I

In The Divine Comedy (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Read by Peter Tucker

Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy (in Italian, Divina Commedia, or just La commedia or Comedia) is an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri in the first deca…

Inscription and foreword

In The Lay of the Last Minstrel

Read by Peter Tucker

Sir Walter Scott

An aging minstrel seeks who hospitality at Newark Castle and in recompense tells a tale of a sixteenth-century Border feud. In the poem, Lad…

Introductory material by author

In Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field

Read by Peter Tucker

Sir Walter Scott

Marmion is an epic poem in six cantos, written in emulation of the ancient Scottish minstrel style which was of such great interest to Scott…

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