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Chapter 08 - Cavalier-hunting, etc.

In Secret Chambers and Hiding Places

Read by Peter Yearsley

Allan Fea

“Secret Chambers and Hiding Places” is a collection of concealments and their uses, almost all within England, although a very few passages …

Chapter 09

In Death Be Not Proud

Read by Peter Yearsley

John Donne

This week we’re marking the American Memorial Day with eleven readings of a John Donne poem. Memorial Day was conceived as a time to remembe…

Chapter 01

In A Princess of Mars

Read by Peter Yearsley

E. R. Burroughs and Edgar Rice Burroughs

Part One of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Mars-Series. Easy, swank, pulp read about an omnipotent gentleman teleported to Mars, finding an outlandi…

Jazz Fantasia - Read by PY

In Jazz Fantasia

Read by Peter Yearsley

Carl Sandburg

As our weekly poem of 30-July-2006, “Jazz Fantasia” was a special challenge because it isn’t just about jazz, it IS jazz. The rhythm is cent…

Preface to Vol. 1 and Canon Alberic

In Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

Read by Peter Yearsley

M. R. James

Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936) was a medieval scholar; Provost of King’s College, Cambridge. He wrote many of his ghost stories to be rea…

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