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In The Book of A Thousand Nights and a Night (Arabian Nights), Volume 01

Read by Peter Yearsley

Translated by Richard Burton and Anonymoustranslated Byrichard Francis Burton

This is a collection of stories collected over thousands of years by various authors, translators and scholars. The are an amalgam of mythol…


In 12 Creepy Tales

Read by Peter Yearsley

Edgar Allan Poe

This is a collection of 12 creepy stories by that master of creepiness, Poe. The Black Cat; The Fall of the House of Usher, The Raven; The T…

Chapter 23 - Great Britain: History to the Time of the Commonwealth, Part 1

In The History of Prostitution

Read by Peter Yearsley

William Sanger

Common sense asks for a full investigation of all the evils attending prostitution. In the every-day affairs of life, any man who feels the …

A Poe-em of Passion - Read by PY

In A Poe-em of Passion

Read by Peter Yearsley

Charles Fletcher Lummis and Charles F. Lummis

LibriVox volunteers bring you 18 recordings of A Poe-em of Passion by C. F. Lummis. This was the Weekly Poetry project for March 17, 2013, a…

The Hunting of the Snark, an Agony in Eight Fits - I. The Landing

In Rhyme? And Reason?

Read by Peter Yearsley

Lewis Carroll

"I have had nor rhyme nor reason" is inscribed on the cover page of this book. These poems are then also some of the most phantast…

Section 1

In Phallic Worship

Read by Peter Yearsley

Hargrave Jennings

A fairly scholarly, short survey of religious sexual symbols and practices from ancient times to the near-present, and within various countr…

Version 6

In Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Visit From St. Nicholas)

Read by Peter Yearsley

moore_c and Clement Clarke Moore

LibriVox volunteers bring you nine different readings of Clement C. Moore's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, a weekly poetry project. (Summ…

The Nymphs - Read by PY

In The Nymphs

Read by Peter Yearsley

Ivan Turgenev

LibriVox volunteers bring you 7 recordings of The Nymphs by Ivan Turgenev.This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for November 15, 2020. …

After Many Years - Read by PY

In After Many Years

Read by Peter Yearsley

Henry Kendall

LibriVox volunteers bring you 18 recordings of After Many Years by Henry Kendall.This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for April 19, 2020…

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