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Winter Still Continues

In Heidi (version 3)

Read by Phil Chenevert

Johanna Spyri

Johanna Spyri’s classic story of a 5 year old little Swiss orphan who is heartbroken when she must leave her beloved grandfather and their h…

The Old Curiosity Shop

In Nell and Her Grandfather

Read by Phil Chenevert


If you have heard of the Dickens novel, The Old Curiosity Shop, and remember Nell Trent, the beautiful and virtuous young girl of "not …

Part I

In The Jewel of Bas

Read by Phil Chenevert

Leigh Douglass Brackett

There was a boy-God, sleeping through eternity. And there were his "Stone of Life" and the androids he had created of matter and e…

Two Calls

In Five Minute Stories

Read by Phil Chenevert

Laura E. Richards and Laura E. Howe Richards

Another collection of poems and short stories by Laura Richards. Yes, these are all short and mostly all delightfully innocent and sweet. So…

Part I

In The Metamorphosis (version 4)

Read by Phil Chenevert

Franz Kafka

This story, about a man who wakes up transformed into a bug and the repercussions it has on his life and the people around him, has intrigue…


In The Time Machine (version 5)

Read by Phil Chenevert

H. G. Wells

Our dystopian future is revealed by H.G.Wells. In this famous story, an unnamed scientist of the 1800s invents a machine to travel through …

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