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In Woodcraft

Read by Phil Schempf


George Washington Sears, who many know better by his pen name "Nessmuk", was an outdoor writer during the last half of the 19th ce…

18 - Vol. 1 - The Tailor - The Sleeper

In Collected Poems 1901-1918

Read by Phil Schempf

Walter De la Mare, Walter de la Mare and Walter De La Mare

Early poems written by Walter de la Mare. de la Mare is best remembered for his works for children. This collection includes: Poems: 1906T…


In Heart of the West

Read by Phil Schempf

O. Henry

A collection of short stories by the legendary O. Henry. (Summary by sidhu177)

Uncle Wiggily and the Milkman

In Uncle Wiggily's Travels

Read by Phil Schempf

Howard R. Garis

This is the second of 79 Uncle Wiggily books published and contains another selection of bedtime stories from those originally published in …

Eternal Father, Strong to Save - Tune: Melita

In Selections from The Army and Navy Hymnal, Volume 2

Read by Phil Schempf


This collection was a joint effort by the chaplains of the US Army and the Navy to meet the needs of divine services conducted in the Army a…

At the Club - Read by PFS

In At the Club

Read by Phil Schempf

Richard Hovey

LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of At the Club by Richard Hovey. This was the Weekly Poetry project for August 3, 2013.Richard …

An Afternoon in July - Read by PS

In An Afternoon in July

Read by Phil Schempf

Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

The geographical Position and Height of Mount Saint Elias

In The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 05

Read by Phil Schempf

Thomas Corwin Mendenhall

National Geographic Magazine Volume 5, articles published in 1893. Contents: Discoverers of America: Annual Address by the President, Gardi…

Sic Vita

In Short Poetry Collection 140

Read by Phil Schempf

Henry King

This is a collection of 32 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for January 2015.

Chapter VIII, part 1

In The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson

Read by Phil Schempf

DeWitt C. Peters and Dewitt C. Peters

Kit Carson was a famous hunter, trapper, mountain man, guide - an American icon. Stories about him abounded in popular contemporary literatu…

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