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Chapter 12

In First on the Moon

Read by Richard Kilmer

Jeff Sutton

The four men had been scrutinized, watched, investigated, and intensively trained for more than a year. They were the best men to be found f…

Excitement on the West Fork

In The Pony Rider Boys with the Texas Rangers

Read by Richard Kilmer

Frank Gee Patchin

Yee-Haw!! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again. This time the boys at Delaware Creek, dead in their saddles. They had been riding lo…


In The Finding of Haldgren

Read by Richard Kilmer

Charles Diffin and Charles Willard Diffin

Chet Ballard answers the pinpoint of light that from the craggy desolation of the moon stabs out man's old call for help. (Summary by Charle…

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