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Star Surgeon

Read by Scott D. Farquhar

Alan Edward Nourse and Alan E. Nourse

Dal Timgar had always wanted to be a doctor. As a Garvian and the first non-human to study medicine on Hospital Earth, he must face enormous…

A Pinch of Salt read by Scott D. Farquhar

In A Pinch of Salt

Read by Scott D. Farquhar

Robert Graves

LibriVox volunteers bring you 19 different recordings of A Pinch of Salt by Robert Graves. This was the weekly poetry project for the week …

To Pastor Amenda (13)

In Selected Letters of Ludwig van Beethoven

Read by Scott D. Farquhar

Beethoven, Ludwig van and Ludwig Van Beethoven

A selection of Beethoven's letters from the compilation by Ludwig Ritter von Köchel (1800-1877) and Ludwig Nohl (1831-1885), and transl…