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Part 7

In The Lady of the Shroud

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Bram Stoker

As the title suggests, this work does flirt with the supernatural. Yet it is essentially a political novel—a utopian experiment in a fictiti…

To Omar Khayyam

In Ebony and Crystal

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Clark Ashton Smith

As stated in L'Alouette: A Magazine of Verse, "Ebony and Crystal is an artist's intrepid repudiation of the world of trolleys and cash-…

Chapter 01

In Black Amazon of Mars (Version 3)

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Leigh Douglass Brackett

In his final adventure on Mars, Eric John Stark acquires a relic of an ancient Martian hero, a gem or lens which is believed to be the key t…

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