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In The Runaway Donkey and Other Rhymes for Children

Read by Tom Penn

Emilie Poulsson

This volume contains 21 poems for children by Emilie Poulsson. In her own words, "In the belief that such rhymes as are herein offered …

A Straying Traveller

In The Death Shot

Read by Tom Penn

Thomas Mayne Reid

Long time since this hand hath penned a preface. Now only to say, that this romance, as originally published, was written when the author wa…

The Catastrophe

In The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn

Read by Tom Penn

Harry Collingwood

Eric Blackburn's strange adventures begin when the ship on which he is engaged as fourth officer is struck by an enormous meteorite and sink…


In Peeps at People - Being Certain Papers from the Writings of Anne Warrington Wit…

Read by Tom Penn

John Kendrick Bangs

Written by a fictitious first-person narrator, this book puts a humorous spin on encounters with several famous people of the time. "I …

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