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Part Six

In Lady Into Fox (Version 2)

Read by Tony Addison

David Garnett

An everyday tale of a young Victorian housewife who turns into a fox and the troubles her husband then has in dealing with her increasingly …

Jerusalem - Part One

In Jerusalem to Revelations - A Quartet of Spiritual Explorations

Read by Tony Addison

William Blake

A Four Quartets for the End of Time, these works stretch from the death and rebirth of a living land, England/Albion, to the death of the wo…


In Short Story Collection Vol. 063

Read by Tony Addison

Rudyard Kipling

This collection comprises 20 short stories of various genres, chosen by the readers. Authors include Saki, Lord Dunsany, Rudyard Kipling, Re…

The Retired Cat - Read by TA

In The Retired Cat

Read by Tony Addison

William Cowper

William Cowper was an English poet and hymnodist. One of the most popular poets of his time, Cowper changed the direction of 18th century na…

The Finest Story

In Short Ghost and Horror Collection 030

Read by Tony Addison

Rudyard Kipling

A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up …

Act One

In Measure For Measure

Read by Tony Addison

William Shakespeare

Described as a "problem play" Measure for Measure is only as much a problem as life itself is- that is, are there any easy answers…

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