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Wishes - Read by JAB

In Wishes

Read by JoshBooth

Dora Sigerson Shorter

LibriVox volunteers bring you 21 recordings of Wishes by Dora Sigerson Shorter. This was the Weekly Poetry project for June 16, 2019. --…

The Eagle - Read by BH

In The Eagle

Read by JoshiBhagwat

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

LibriVox volunteers bring you 21 recordings of The eagle by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. This was the Weekly Poetry project for September 18, 202…

13 The Russian Wolfhound

In The American Book of the Dog

Read by JoshuaD


Here is a period piece, covering 47 breeds, about the early days of dog breeding, the birth of the American Kennel Club (1884) which firmly …

Sonya's Knight

In The Red Cross Girls with the Italian Army

Read by JoshuaCoulter

Margaret Vandercook

The adventures of the Red Cross girls continue! These courageous women of the First World War now visit the Italian Front and face all chall…

What is Tragedy?

Read by Oliver Taplin and Joshua Billings

Oliver Taplin and Joshua Billings

University of Oxford Podcasts

Chapter XIV, part 1

In Principles of Geology

Read by Josh Leach

Charles Lyell

Principles of Geology: being an attempt to explain the former changes of the Earth's surface, by reference to causes now in operation is a b…

Poems 23 - 29

In Sandhya, Songs of Twilight

Read by Josh Kibbey

Dhan Gopal Mukerji

Dhan Gopal Mukerji wrote Sandhya, Songs of Twilight while in San Francisco, as a way to support himself and pay for his college education. T…

Sarojini Naidu

In Figures of Several Centuries

Read by Josh Kirsh

Arthur Symons

Arthur Symons talks through the histories and works of poets, playwrights, scholars and scribes. He provides both personal experience and cr…

Book II, Chapter VI: Of Rents

In Principles of Political Economy

Read by Josh Leach

John Stuart Mill

The Principles of Political Economy, first published in 1848, was one of the most important texts on the subject of economy at that time. I…

I - The Significance of the Frontier in American History - Part 1

In The Frontier in American History

Read by Josh Kirsh

Frederick Jackson Turner

Frederick Jackson Turner was an extremely influential U.S. historian, who is best known for his "frontier thesis", which proposed …

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