Challenge of the Yukon - Single Episodes

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Challenge of the Yukon was a long-running radio series that began on Detroit's station WXYZ (as had The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet), and an example of a Northern genre story. The series was first heard on February 3, 1938. The program was an adventure series about Sergeant William Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police and his lead sled dog, Yukon King, as they fought evildoers in the Northern wilderness during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. Preston, according to radio historian Jim Harmon, first joined the Mounties to capture his father's killer, and when he was successful he was promoted to Sergeant. Preston worked under the command of Inspector Conrad, and in the early years was often assisted by a French-Canadian guide named Pierre. Preston's staunchest ally, who was arguably the true star of the show and indeed often did more work than he did, was the brave Alaskan husky, Yukon King. Typical plots involved the pair helping injured trappers, tracking down smugglers, or saving cabin dwellers from wolverines. Sgt. Preston's faithful steed was Rex, used primarily in the summer months, but generally Yukon King and his dog team were the key mode of transportation (as signalled by Preston's cry of "On, King! On, you huskies!." There is some confusion regarding King's actual breed. The producers seemed to use malamute and husky interchangeably. At least once, Preston answered "malamute" to the question from another character. In the early radio shows, the cry of "On, you huskies!" would alternate with "On, you malamutes" from show to show. Von Reznicek's Donna Diana Overture was the pulsing theme music, and the episodes ended with the official pronouncement, Well, King, this case is closed. Following the success of The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet, George W. Trendle, the station owner, asked for a similar adventure show, but with a dog as the hero. According to WXYZ staffer Dick Osgood, in his history of the station, Trendle insisted that it not be "a dog like Lassie because.. this must be an action story. It had to be a working dog." Writer Tom Dougall, who had been influenced by the poems of Robert W. Service, naturally chose a Husky. The dog was originally called Mogo, but after criticism by Trendle, Dougall re-christened the canine King. Dougall likewise created Sgt. Preston and the French-Canadian guide. Fran Striker, who wrote for The Lone Ranger, also contributed scripts. However, Trendle's criticism of Dougall may have had another reason behind it. Shortly before the two Trendle series aired ( The Lone Ranger and Challenge of the Yukon), popular author Zane Grey had a book in circulation (Lone Star Ranger) about a Texas Ranger like The Lone Ranger and a comic book series in circulation (King of the Royal Mounted) about the adventures of Sgt. King, a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman like Sgt. Preston. It could be that Trendle borrowed both ideas from Grey's work and wanted to retain the name "King" as a tribute to Grey, who died after a long illness one year following the first airing of Challenge of the Yukon. Challenge of the Yukon began as a 15-minute serial, airing locally from 1938 until May 28, 1947. Shortly thereafter, the program acquired a sponsor, Quaker Oats, and the series, in a half-hour format, moved to the networks. The program aired on ABC from June 12, 1947 to December 30, 1949. It was then heard on The Mutual Broadcasting System from January 2, 1950 through the final broadcast on June 9, 1955. The title changed from Challenge of the Yukon to Sergeant Preston of the Yukon in November 1951, and remained under that name through the end of the series and into television.

NOTE: Updated Release! New Episodes and corrected sound variances (29-Dec-2011).

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Meeting the Terms of a Contract 14:42
Till a Man's Proved Dead 14:52
A Swindler Swindled 14:46
A Footprint in Leather 14:38
Caught by a Button 14:44
The Last Days of a Freight Line 14:33
A Swill O' Gunpowder 15:00
King's Ransom 14:46
Murder on Train Time 14:45
A Previewed Confession 14:40
Attempted Manslaughter 14:36
Lantern Rock 14:45
The Ring on His Finger 14:46
The Tell-Tale Bullet 14:19
A Date to Remember 14:32
Belated Revenge 14:21
Return to the Crime 14:26
King Spots Murder 14:32
Self Defense or Murder 14:15
By Hook or by Crook 14:49
The Eleventh Hour 14:49
Murder in ABC's 13:25
Bob Hite Announces (Audition) 28:50
No Escape for a Murderer 14:46
Revenge in the Yukon 0:25
Forgery and Murder 14:19
Macbeth's Bloody Knife 14:35
Wolf Pack 14:34
Cabin on the Trail 14:45
Lady Luck Claim 14:23
As a Man Thinketh 14:57
The Hannagan Brothers 14:20
The Great Dog King 14:33
The Vallera Diamond 14:20
King Meets Soapy Smith 14:05
A Pack of Bacon 14:03
Edward Carson 14:15
The Plaid Coat 14:10
Belle Brady's Gesture 14:20
Preston's Right Hand Man 14:14
A Woman Scorned 14:15
Outlaw Dog 14:20
The Outlaw's Nemesis 14:32
The Idol 14:26
A Joke Led to the Gallows 14:15
Reverend Jim 14:24
The Man from Missouri 8:22
Design for Murder aka Killing Sullivan 14:31
The Duke Bows to a King 14:28
The Lady's Locket 7:46
Lucky Walters 14:42
Of Dogs and Horses 14:40
Maintiens Le Droit 5:30
The Plan That Failed 0:04
King Breaks the Wheel of Fortune 2:57
A Rendezvous 14:42
Smokey 14:53
A Frame-Up That Failed 13:48
Death and the Flickering Eye 13:36
A Masquerade 13:54
Eyes for the Blind 13:47
King Saves the Day 14:33
Suzanne Verrill 14:40
Case History of a Mountie 14:29
Seahorse City's Editor 14:14
King Found the Clue 14:15
Florabelle's Adventure 14:19
Paula Buchanan 14:22
King Meets a Grizzly 14:07
Trial by Fire 14:05
One Went to the Gallows 14:10
How Connelly Paid the Law 14:10
Preston's Dilemma 13:47
Trap for a Mountie 13:47
Manhunt 13:56
Murder on the Trail 14:03
The Fugitives 14:50
King Led the Way 14:55
An Unlucky Gambler 1:26
Guilty by Proxy 15:00
Wilderness Girl 14:49
Colinns Canyon 14:56
Trail Scent 14:39
The Dog-Head Nugget 14:48
Silver Point Renegades 0:12
Landslide 0:19
Blizzard in the Yukon 14:36
Back Door of the Mountain 0:34
Her Weight in Gold 0:04
Spawn of the North 14:29
The Dog Team Race 0:47
God of the Mountain 8:05
A Boy and a Dog 0:17
Ambush 0:43
Trap Robber 0:31
Medicine Man 5:43
Thunder 14:15
Recovered Claim 0:54
Old Tom 0:09
The Brass Button 14:27
Escape 0:20
Skipper 0:05
The Chase 0:16
The Map 0:13
Arctic Chase 0:34
Maw Baker's Pies 0:48
Magnamimous Ghost 14:32
Bear Trap 0:23
Alibi 14:19
Big Bill 2:00
The Red Mitten 0:12
Chechako 14:34
The Black Bear 0:38
Scorpion Sam's Gold 14:14
Dynamite Provides 0:15
The Trail 0:33
The Last Laugh 14:13
The Irish Wolf Hound 14:09
Father Donovan 13:38
Long Fall Canyon 13:57
The Bonanza Belle 0:30
The Dachshund 0:12
Christmas Present 14:26
New Year's Eve 1:33
The Grave Robbers 0:42
The Mail Team 1:01
Preston Takes Over 13:59
Jane Gets Her Man 0:07
The Blind Man 0:21
The Cure 0:12
Mabel 14:34
The Shamaness 0:15
Mad Wolf 2:38
The Bully 0:36
Hold Up 0:53
The Rivals 0:56
The Return of Pete Hunt 0:04
Ned's Wife 0:19
Rex 0:10
Torn Parka 0:13
Balmy Bill 14:45
Eskimo Justice 14:44
Shrimp Togan 15:06
Chap 14:45
The Mitten 14:38
Annie Jones 0:12
The Great Dane 0:04
How Preston Got King 14:27
The Sharp Shooter 14:35
The Pup That Ate Too Much 15:00
Flash 14:48
Preston Breaks a Rule 14:57
Beaver Dam 14:31
The Silver Fox 14:39
The Mute Speaks 14:39
Grizzly Martin 14:19
Preston Goes to Jail 14:32
The Epidemic 14:11
Preston Sells King 14:22
Blind Man's Claim 14:00
The Wooden Case 14:08
Trap in the Mountains 14:01
The Choice 14:10
The Cat Collar 14:21
Thanksgiving in the Wilderness 13:55
The Watch Dog 14:11
The Dog Fight 14:14
Christmas Present 14:18
The Man Who Limped 14:12
The False Beard 14:08
Zeb 14:13
The Black Dog 14:16
A Question of Ethics 14:15
The Gold Fang 14:17
Pet Bear 14:07
The Substitution 16:09
The Red Parka 14:07
The Hermit of Nugget Hill 14:40
The Coffin 1:50
Sunshine Stones 14:29
The Birthday Present 14:02
The Big Stone House 14:18
The Dancing Bear 14:04
The Story of Big John 14:10
The Torn Sleeve 14:09
The Mad Trapper 14:12
The Red Setter 13:54
The Usurpers 0:58
Lost Mitten 14:02
The Wolf Cub 28:52
Grizzly 29:08
Pet Bear 27:34
The Puppy 28:16
Sam's Gold 29:18
The Man in the Fur Cap 28:39
A Dog Named Mabel 28:26
Messenger of Mercy 29:03
Derelict Dog 27:48
The Revenge of Steve Carlton 29:37
Clue to a Killer 29:25
The Stolen Pups 5:45
The Northern Pursuit 28:13
The Fraud 1:29
Reprisal 0:30
The Proof 2:14
The Malamute Pup 29:19
The Last Cabin 29:46
Rex 29:15
Sam's Wife 0:16
King's Escape 29:50
The Limping Dog 27:35
King Gets His Man 0:26
Tara 29:32
The Marked Cards 28:22
White Man's Law 28:44
The Shepherd Dog 28:52
The Silent One 5:07
Tago, the Half Breed 3:03
The Bridge 29:53
The Loyalty of Chief 29:51
The Pamphlet 29:50
The Red Herring 29:49
The Klondike Palace 29:52
Aunt Em 29:45
Silvertip 29:49
The Debt 29:44
Witness for the Crown 29:42
King Comes Home 29:46
The Wire Haired Terrier 29:45
Rusty 30:21
Breakup 28:45
Shots in the Dark 29:17
Winner by Proxy 0:10
Trader Muldoon 29:17
The Showdown 25:31
Lost Indian Mine 26:02
Icebound 25:54
Old Ben's Gold 29:12
Pot Luck Killers 25:12
Ghost Town 29:38
Find the Body 29:45
The Extra Uniform 28:48
Record Run 29:03
Parson Shorty Meadows 29:03
The Red Ace 29:02
Mine of Good Hope 29:06
White Hawk 28:45
Underground Ambush 29:03
The False Trail 29:06
The Poisoner of Chiliwaw 29:03
Samaritan of the Trail 29:39
Preston Turns the Tables 29:34
The Phantom Gang 29:38
The Call of Duty 29:33
The Man with the Red Hair 29:36
Death on the Trail 29:36
The Wilderness Uprising 29:38
Ben Yancy's Legacy 29:41
Shadow 29:40
The Second Chance 29:41
Manhunt 29:33
The St Bernard Dog 29:39
Mutiny on the Penguin 29:21
Old Moby's Cairn 23:46
Lost River Roundup 29:23
Strike at Pelican Creek 29:11
The Black Husky 28:39
The Sergeant's Right 21:39
Timber 29:30
The Dawson Fire 29:31
The Trap in Cabin Four 29:31
Escape to the North 29:32
Marlow's Gang 24:22
Faith in a Mountie 25:32
The Emerald in the Nugget 23:54
The Man with the Red Coat 29:18
Injun Devil 29:16
Arrowhead Frame-Up 29:10
Case of Frank Weaver 29:13
King Takes Over 29:35
Bonanza 47 0:14
Jim Belden's Secret 13:47
King Proves His Worth 2:13
Lem Baileys Pet Bear 1:07
White Water 0:35
Jimmy's Birthday Cake 29:17
Skagway Patrol 0:45
Mystery in the Cave 29:17
The Moose River Murder 29:23
Lost River Ambush 29:09
The Mongrel 29:12
On One Condition 29:15
The Trail of Grizzly Grayson 29:58
Rogue's Progress 29:24
Sergeant Preston Faces Death 29:35
Ambush 29:24
The Coward 29:23
Double Cross Creek 29:30
The Dog with the Gold Tooth 29:30
The Magic Light 29:32
Signal in Green 29:27
Danger Signal 29:24
River Pirates 29:27
Ambush at Forty Mile 29:27
The Music Hall Murder 29:27
Trail Mates 4:30
Bulldog Charm 29:24
The Meal that Convicted 29:23
The White Huskie 0:58
The Klondike Queen 6:33
The Caribou Case 0:38
The Black and White Pup 29:16
The Devil Dog 0:26
Letters to a Killer 24:44
Conover's Crime 29:28
Crumpled Handbill 0:28
The Killer 0:13
The Remittance Man 1:28
Dead Man's Map 0:21
The Knife Throwers 0:12
The Lucky Shirt 0:32
The Trail of the Werewolf 0:30
Trouble at Forty-Mile 1:51
The Luck of the Newtons 0:22
The Empty Coffin 29:12
The Doomed Witness 29:14
The Bear Trap 0:05
The Perfect Crime 29:11
Fire in the Sky 0:32
Escape to the North 29:17
The Sparrow 29:17
The Case of the Hard-Hearted Hermit 29:22
Race to Twenty Mile 29:20
The Million Dollar Deadline 29:06
The Skagway-Mail 29:08
The Counter Plan 29:12
The Bad Penny 29:45
Adventure in Selkirk 29:32
The Duel 29:14
Death and the Lucky Seven 29:30
The Skull in the Stone 29:26
The Case of the Turncoat Mountie 29:29
The Case of the Frightened Child 29:30
The Case of the Canyon Holdup 29:33
The Missing Code 29:06
The Case of the Yellow Ribbon 29:26
A Boy and His Dog 29:37
The Uphill Sled 29:54
King Takes Over 29:42
The Case of the Beautiful Swindler 30:00
The Case of the Crown Fire 29:26
Trickery in the River 30:55
The Case of the Kind Hearted Killer 29:40
The Case of the Unwilling Guardian 30:00
The Renegade Huskie 29:18
What Price King 29:23
The Case of the Friendly Enemies 29:24
The Yellow Kitten 29:45
The Minister's Missing Money 29:39
The Case of the Detective Who Liked Excitement 29:59
The Fan-Tan Gold Robbery 29:29
The Boy Who Feared Dogs 29:47
The Case of the Wishbone 29:51
Fire on the Trail 30:07
King and the Baxter Gang 29:25
The Case of the River Pirates 29:45
Ambush Near Selkirk 29:34
The Case of the Sourdough's Dog 29:47
The Phantom Witness 29:31
The Scent of Blood 29:46
Murder on the Mountain 29:24
The Generous Hobo 29:41
Allen's McRae's Birthday Present 29:07
The Burning Cabin 29:31
The Great Charlotta 29:22
The Doctor Disappears 29:48
Hazel Crest Decision 29:28
Rescue in the Forest 29:42
The Missing Money 29:37
Bad Boy 29:43
The Last Will 29:11
Nipper Moves Himself 29:28
Bear Trap 29:24
Dr Blake's Surrender 29:39
The Miser and the Mob 31:53
The Old Timer 33:33
The Senator Finds a Treasure 35:37
Note of Evidence 31:19
The Brothers' Promise 30:51
The King Emperor 30:13
The Stolen Box 29:34
The Barbary Gang 30:53
Grubstake for Vickers 32:35
48 Hours to Pay 29:27
Outlaw's Twin 29:58
Dance at Caribou Creek 29:24
The Return of Tom Becket 29:22
Swindler's Luck 29:17
Copper Gulch Patrol 29:31
The Wainwright Cache 29:15
The Black Bag 29:36
Missing Gold 29:24
The Shanghaied Sergeant 29:36
The Sergeant's Present 29:20
Journey for Revenge 27:39
Swindler's Luck 27:13
The Prodigal Father 29:38
Rainbow's End 29:17
Jeff Marco's Gang 29:28
The Battle at Bradley's 28:10
Barry Jeffer's Trust 29:24
Red Devil 29:40
The Miners' Meeting 29:55
The Diamond Collar 28:50
The Long Trail 29:44
No Epitaph for Tombstone 29:37
The Ten Thousand Dollar Rewards 29:51
The Trap That Failed 32:02
The Ghost Raider 29:49
Casper Mott's Adventure 29:31
Circumstantial Evidence 29:26
Blind Man's Buff 29:19
Jailbreak 29:27
The Runaway Heir 29:30
Flaming Valley 29:27
The Haunted Mine 29:34
The Black Cat 29:44
The Murdered Witness 29:40
Trail's End 29:22
Uncle Joe's Luck 28:37
Guardian for Jimmy 29:31
When Thief Catches Thief 29:38
The Innocent Criminal 29:37
Wolf Creek 29:45
Restitution 29:52
The Lost Lady 29:36
Hidden Evidence 29:53
Secret Orders 29:36
The Man Who Fled 25:35
The Cascade Case 29:29
The Fugitive Bride 28:48
The Wolf Cub 28:29
Canyon Cache 28:52
Mystery of the Ridge 28:37
Twenty Little Indians 29:09
Unfinished Note 29:03
The Two Bullets 28:53
Wand Diamond 28:45
Notorious Chet Craig 28:43
The Dead Man's Trail 28:13
The Angel of Death 28:52
Six Gun Clue 28:16
Jose's Return 28:55
Revenge from Beyond 29:20
The Bag of Gold 29:43
Race of the River Boats 29:42
The Diamond Solitaire 29:43
Stolen Gold 28:25
The Spread Eagle Raid 28:53
The Beaverton Legacy 29:13
A Change of Mind 28:56
Ten Thousand Counterfeit 28:34
The Branded Pelts 29:01
Logan's Luck 28:52
Cal Dorset's Heir 28:46
The Gold Behind the Waterfall 30:47
The Polar Quest 18:44
Left to Die 30:39
The Sack of Sand 31:44
The Malemute Express 0:56
The Torn Map 30:15
Diagram of Danger 29:09
The Red Raiders 29:00
Dog Crazy 29:16
The Malacca Cane 28:46
The Vagabond 29:21
The Criminal Collie 29:00
The Blue Paper 29:24
Harper's Castle 29:22
A Dog Called Sparky 28:48
Fugitive from Bald Rock 28:47
The Masked Gunman 29:33
Out of the Night 29:49
Heart of a Killer 29:51
Dead Man's Whistle 29:44
A Call to Action 28:22
Undercover 28:01
Contention 29:31
Whistling in the Dark 29:48
Friend in Need 29:50
The Ghost Riders 29:09
The Clue of the Silver Pup 29:31
Passport to Death 29:28
The Telltale Knife 29:51
The Wrong Map 28:48
The Rebel Yell 28:41
Death Waits on the River 28:37
The Man in the Canyon 28:32
Gold Fever 28:00
Spider Burke's Daughter 29:39
Wild Dog 28:54
The Indian Sign 29:22
The Notorious Hawk Cooper 29:37
Danger at Devil's Gorge 29:48
Murder on Fox Run 28:04
Escape by Night 28:46
White Fox for Marie 29:15
Storm the Pass 28:58
The King of Keeno Creek 28:27
The Trail Robbers 28:02
Wrong Trail 28:50
Honest Young Man 29:09
Blackmailer's Payoff 29:33
Vanished Loot 29:15
Job for Jim Lackey 28:08
The Russian Rubies 29:15
Secret of the Closed Room 29:04
Doctor Redcoat 28:48
The Third Strike 29:12
Never Be Missed 29:14
The Counterfeit Heiress 29:18
Old Faithful 29:12
Cabin 102 29:21
The Blue Scarf 26:24
Trapper's Trail 25:34
Take It Easy 29:13
The Blind Husky 25:05
Team-Mates 29:09
Rowdy's Choice 28:20
Indian Dream 29:13
Number One Challenger 28:52
The Stuffed Shirt 28:38
Murder at the Flood 29:28
A Boy Called Jack 29:27
Thieves' Congress 29:26
Tom Barry's Return 29:21
The Trail's End 29:22
The Innocent Fugitives 29:31
And Far Away 29:28
The Widow's Son 29:23
The Man Who Feared Dogs 29:20
Ambush in Bellary Flats 29:23
Against Time 28:17
The Red Parka 28:36
The Scent of Death 28:21
Bullets for Preston 28:38
Red Coated Crook 25:05
Boy Alone 28:40
Junior Partner 28:40
Dividend on Murder 28:32
The Landlady 22:01
The Killer Cree 28:19
Chance Meeting 29:21
Trapper's Gold 28:01
Uncle Ben 27:54
Open and Shut 27:53
Fire in the Forest 28:17
Man in Hiding 27:48
Double Identity 27:58
The Mutiny's Survivor 29:23
Claim 22 22:21
Reward for Shiloh 28:53
Trail to Trouble 29:12
The Diamond Solitaire 28:32
Forbidden Ground 28:44
Si Adkin's Gold 27:38
The Forgetful Killer 29:12
Sneak Gun 28:04
The Trail of Gold 29:52
Neil Holton's Vow 29:59
Rainbow Gold 30:02
King Proves His Worth 30:00
Sins of the Father 30:00
White Water 29:45
McAllister's Bonanza 30:00
The Christmas Mite 29:57
Arms and the Girl 29:59
The Little Mountie 29:53
The Return of Red Gruver 29:52
Mystery Boy 29:56
Treacherous Journey 29:53
White Doctor 29:59
Man on the Trail 29:57
Ex-Partner 29:57
The Streets Are Guarded 29:53
Downriver Adventure 29:53
One Man's Meat 29:51
Ordeal at Fort Promise 29:43
The Hidden Cabin 29:34
Dead Man's Gold 29:51
Bread upon the Waters 30:05
The Case That Was Not Closed 29:58
Brotherhood of Man 29:59
Killers Live to Die 29:58
The Missing Heir 29:50
Laurie and the New Recruits 30:01
Thunderbird 29:54
The Land Otter's Totem 29:59
The Burial Totem Case 29:06
The Killer Whale 29:58
The Sun and Raven 29:51
The Prisoner 29:50
The Boy from Seattle 29:59
The Death Card 29:54
Hard Luck 30:03
The Ice Trail 29:54
Arctic Odyssey 29:53
Out of the Past 29:57
Stand-In for Cheeka 29:51
The Two Shots 29:57
The Haunting Fear 29:58
Brave Death 29:59
The Fugitive 29:55
Partners in Crime 29:58
Gold Legacy 29:58
Strange Treasure 29:58
The Pack-Rat Nest 30:02
The Young Camper 29:56
Guard of Honor 29:41
Mistaken Identity 30:00
The Shelf-Ridge Incident 30:00
Caw River Camp 29:55
Death by Proxy 29:52
Man from Missouri 29:58
Murder on the Mountain 29:39
The Queen's Parlor 29:17
SOS from Panamint 28:44
The Death Dart 29:27
The Rag Doll 29:23
Outlaw in Uniform 28:28


The mental picture!

(5 stars)

I love the Yukon Territory and have been to some of the towns depicted that are along Hwy 1. Someday we'll take Hwy 2 and see some others! Having been in the region I can picture the scenes described, the desolation, the beauty, and vast emptiness. Robert Service is also one of my favorites.

This is a hidden gem.

(5 stars)

I really enjoy this show. I remember listening to it when I was a kid. (I'm 55 yrs old) The portrayal of the cold wintery scenes are very well done. I give this show 5 stars!

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon (Challenge of the Yukon)

(5 stars)

It's hard for me to believe that no one, to date, has written a review about this mainstay of young people's (and many adults') radio listening. Even today, at age 64, I find myself chilled at the descriptions of the sub-zero temperatures that this low-paid but gallant hero and his wonder dog King faced during the Klondike gold rush in the Canadian Yukon Territory late in the 19th Century. Also, no mention is made here of the man who portrayed Preston during much of its long run which went well beyond the coming of television. He was Paul Sutton who in real life looked nothing like the man we would imagine our hero to be. Sutton usually played heavies in budget movies and during the mid-50s tried to get into Michigan politics. He's not getting the credit he deserves. When I listened to the show during the late 1940s and early '50s, the sponsor was Quaker Puffed Wheat and Quaker Puffed Rice — announced as "the only cereals shot from guns" followed by simulated gunfire. I've read that the slogan came from an ad man who was touring the Quaker plant. He observed that these cereals were cooked in a tank that resembled a cannon (exploding like popcorn?), hence the claim and the picture of a cannon shooting out cereal on the cover of each Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rick box. The gun on the box has disappeared, but the products taste the same, just as this vintage program today can still entertain anyone with an imagination and a sense of adventure. JohnMc

Good job Archives

(5 stars)

I would like to say, first and foremost , I found this site about 8 years ago,, and I listen every single night of the week. I have had numerous back surgeries, and so makes a lot of time for me to enjoy all of your material. I could go through the pages all day, and still not find everything you have to offer. Thank you so much for the endless hours of entertainment.. It brings me back in time, and makes me appreciate the old time shows all the more. Very Sincerely Yours:: Russ Horcher,,, Cambridge Mn.

Faith in a Mountie misplaced

(4 stars)

That is, the file titled "Faith in a Mountie" is not that story. It is a duplicate copy of "The Showdown" According to David Goldin's plot summaries, "faith in a mountie" should be a story about the kidnapping of a newspaper editor. I'm heading off to search for it in other archives because I would really like to hear it!

Cold and Gold

(4 stars)

The series DOES deserve more credit. Coming out of Detroit radio with cast similar to their other bigger hits, Lone Ranger and Green Hornet, it was vastly underrated. The true to life setting and special effects as well as a "hero" huskie and good scripts make this worth the time to listen. Of the old-time-radio shows, this belongs near the top.

Start with "Swill O' Gunpowder"

(5 stars)

If you haven't listened to this series yet and the wonder where you might start, start with Swill O' Gunpowder." It's an engaging thriller with a hilarious twist and a most enjoyable 15 minutes of old time radio listening.

Files Updated!

(0 stars)

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