Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman

Read by Linette Geisel

(4.6 stars; 10 reviews)

We all know that Santa Claus has a large family in which to help him in the delivery of presents, peace, and good cheer. So what would you do if you were Miss Santa Claus and met two children on Christmas Eve traveling to a strange town to be reunited with their father and new stepmother? Why, naturally you would tell them the story of Princess Ina and a powerful charm they could use to turn their feared stepmother into a real mother. Follow the children as they learn to pick starflowers of obedience and kindness to make a mantle of love and become a real family. (Summary by Linette Geisel) (3 hr 0 min)


Chapter I 20:13 Read by Linette Geisel
Chapter II 26:03 Read by Linette Geisel
Chapter III 17:34 Read by Linette Geisel
Chapter IV 29:37 Read by Linette Geisel
Chapter V 26:09 Read by Linette Geisel
Chapter VI 31:41 Read by Linette Geisel
Chapter VII 29:19 Read by Linette Geisel


(5 stars)

Families come in all shapes and sizes.. a lovely Christmas story at anytime of the year for girls and boys of all 'ages' .. recommended especially for blended families and anyone who may have been distracted by events or circumstances, from The Sky Road.


(4 stars)

A lovely classic story about two young children, Christmas and family. Many thanks to the narrator for her excellent reading.


(5 stars)

A sweet story that will warm your heart any time of the year!!!