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Nature Myths and Stories for Little Children

Read by Linette Geisel

Flora J. Cooke

Written for first through third graders, this book aims to expand not only the imagination but the vocabulary. For listeners following along…

Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman

Read by Linette Geisel

Annie Fellows Johnston

We all know that Santa Claus has a large family in which to help him in the delivery of presents, peace, and good cheer. So what would you d…

Charlie and His Kitten Topsy

Read by Linette Geisel

Helen Hill

A darling story of little Charlie and his adventures with cats and kittens and how he became many things. Also how the kitten Topsy, unhapp…

The Fourth Adventure of the Rainbow Cat

In The Rainbow Cat

Read by Linette Geisel

Rose Fyleman

THERE was once a cat which was not in the least like any cat you have ever seen, or I either, for the matter of that. It was a fairy cat, yo…

20. Queen Anne and the Geor-ges

In History of England In Words of One Syllable

Read by Linette Geisel

Helen W. Pierson

A simple history of England written principally with words of one syllable. Books of these kind, I understand, are helpful for both beginnin…

12 - The New Year's Day and Day of Atonement

In Israel's Faith

Read by Linette Geisel

Nathan Solomon Joseph and George Alexander Kohut

A series of short readings (lessons, if you will) for Jewish youth and others. This book ought not to be viewed as a kind of catechism, but …


In Christopher Cricket on Cats

Read by Linette Geisel

Anthony Henderson Euwer

Humorous---and insightful---commentary on cats in prose and poetry. - Summary by KevinS