The Clue

Read by Roger Melin

(4.4 stars; 233 reviews)

Once Carolyn Wells began, or re-invented her writing career, 'The Clue' was her initial book which strayed from children's writings into mysteries and detective stories. It is also when we are introduced to her most famous of detectives, Fleming Stone.

On the eve of her wedding day, Madeleine Van Norman, a beautiful young lady who is soon to come into her family fortune is found dead, apparently stabbed with an ominous blood-stained letter opener found nearby. There is nobody within the household who is not considered a suspect by the police, but how could a killer have slipped through the doors of Madeleine’s locked bedroom? It must have been suicide, as a note was found lying on a table near her body. Or was it? An intriguing mystery ensues which hinges on the discovery of a single, all-important clue. - Summary by Roger Melin (8 hr 1 min)


The Van Normans 20:04 Read by Roger Melin
Miss Morton Arrives 21:15 Read by Roger Melin
A Cry in the Night 19:13 Read by Roger Melin
Suicide or ----? 20:44 Read by Roger Melin
A Case for the Coroner 21:32 Read by Roger Melin
Fessenden Comes 21:37 Read by Roger Melin
Mr. Benson's Questions 18:37 Read by Roger Melin
A Soft Lead Pencil 21:36 Read by Roger Melin
The Will 18:39 Read by Roger Melin
Some Testimony 20:45 Read by Roger Melin
'I Decline to Say' 18:18 Read by Roger Melin
Dorothy Burt 18:55 Read by Roger Melin
An Interview With Cicely 21:47 Read by Roger Melin
The Carleton Household 19:56 Read by Roger Melin
Fessenden's Detective Work 20:34 Read by Roger Melin
Searching for Clues 20:12 Read by Roger Melin
Miss Morton's Statements 19:08 Read by Roger Melin
Carleton is Frank 22:38 Read by Roger Melin
The Truth About Miss Burt 19:32 Read by Roger Melin
Cicely's Flight 20:07 Read by Roger Melin
A Successful Pursuit 17:57 Read by Roger Melin
A Talk With Miss Morton 16:36 Read by Roger Melin
Fleming Stone 18:47 Read by Roger Melin
A Confession 23:27 Read by Roger Melin



(5 stars)

The story unfolds in a leisurely manner as most of the older mystery novels did. While it is true that many of us presumably solved the mystery early on, the methodical unfolding of the tale is where the true enjoyment lies. Shame on those who cannot appreciate this craftsmanship. Shame also on those who did not enjoy Roger Melin. Some novels lend themselves to vocal differences for the characters; others do not. This one definitely does not, and Roger was superb!

(2 stars)

This Reader is always great! Taking the time period into account the overall story is ok; the murderer makes sense, if somewhat predictable; however, the method and ending is just so farfetched and not remotely plausible as to ruin the time invested in the story. Not one of this author’s best.

(4 stars)

I liked the reader. He was interesting. I didn't figure out who the murderer was until the very end. I suppose because I liked the character and didn't want him to have done it.

(4 stars)

I solved this case in chapter 1 and spent the rest of the book hoping desperately to be wrong as I really liked the killer

the clue is...

(3 stars)

A very boring book and the reader is good but also boring.. great book to fall asleep to

Surprise ending

(4 stars)

I liked this mystery story...wasn't thrilled with the ending, but it was well written and very well read!

The Clue

(5 stars)

Fantastic murder mystery. Well read and well worth a listen. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

another good mystery

(4 stars)

An interesting plot development, thanks to all readers for presentations. Worth the read