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(4.8 stars; 197 reviews)

Freckles is a young man who has been raised since infancy in a Chicago orphanage. His one dream is to find a job, a place to belong and people who accept him despite his youth and the disability of having only one hand. He finds this place in the Limberlost Swamp, as a Limberlost guard of precious timber.

In the process, he discovers a love for the wilderness and animals he encounters every day on his rounds and a burning desire to learn about all the new birds and plants he sees on his rounds every day. He also finds and falls in love with a girl he calls the "Swamp Angel." This is the story of his plucky courage in sticking to his job in the swamp, and his adventures in learning about the natural world he finds himself in every day. He is befriended by the "Bird Woman" and with her help learns to love the Limberlost he has been hired to guard. (Summary by Mary Anderson) (8 hr 43 min)


(5 stars)

This book is simple and sweet. Has great detail about the growth of love for the outdoors and it's chirping and growing things. The narration is pretty good too, the folks who read clearly enjoy the story as well each in their own way. If you're looking for an easy listen that might stitch your heart a little closer to the woods this is the one!

make sure you review the books you "read"

(5 stars)

I found this author while binge-listening to Reader Mary Anderson. I started this is my 2nd in a row by the author and just realized**I REMEMBER THIS BOOK** but odd course, it was so good lady tone that I have to finish listening again. as I recall this will be at least my 3rd as I immediately re-read it lady time. so: unless you like reruns, make sure you review finished books. here's my review: this is STILL a great book. suitable to listen alone or with children. :-))

There could not be a more fitting title for this wonderful novel!

(4.5 stars)

Freckles is a boy who is rich in the love of nature! His deep love for birds is wonderful and inspiring. His hard-working spirit is wonderful as well. Touches one's heart to see the deep caring love everyone has for this boy called freckles. What splendid characters!

An All Time Favourite

(5 stars)

Ever since childhood I have loved this book. The beauty of the Limberlost lingers with me still. I am thrilled by the love and courage of Freckles and his Swamp Angel. What a beautiful book!


(5 stars)

all of the readers were excellent and this is perhaps the most soul satisfying book I have ever "read"

Freckles holds a special place in my heart ❤️

(5 stars)

There will never be a better, more humbling novel than Freckles.

(5 stars)

One of my favorite books. Also was my Father's favorite author. I have read and re-read her books.

(4 stars)

largely well done, but some of the attempts at a Scottish accent were really quite ghastly.