Weird Crimes

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.4 stars; 49 reviews)

Seabury Quinn presents in a series of articles within the pages of Weird Tales magazine various macabre and strange crimes perpetrated throughout history. - summary by Ben Tucker
(2 hr 50 min)


No. 1: Bluebeard 40:35 Read by Ben Tucker
No. 2: The Grave Robbers 11:00 Read by Ben Tucker
No. 3: The Magic Mirror Murders 29:37 Read by Ben Tucker
No. 4: Swiatek, the Beggar 19:15 Read by Ben Tucker
No. 5: Mary Blandy 28:02 Read by Ben Tucker
No. 6: The Werewolf of St. Bonot 21:34 Read by Ben Tucker
No. 7: The Human Hyena 20:21 Read by Ben Tucker


good stories! great reader!

(5 stars)

I enjoyed these true crime tales. great narrator!

Great Narrator

(3.5 stars)

Three stars for the book, but five stars for the guy who read it.

Ben's become one of my favorite readers and this was a great fit

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

The beggar story blindsided me like a train during a morning listen! Shocking!