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Some Chinese Ghosts

Read by Ben Tucker

Lafcadio Hearn

Noted writer of Asian folklore Lafcadio Hearn brings us a volume of mysterious and magical folk stories from the country of China. - Summary…

Servants of Satan

Read by Ben Tucker

Seabury Quinn

Noted weird fiction author Seabury Quinn brings to life true tales of witch trial persecution within the pages of Weird Tales magazine! - Su…

Weird Crimes

Read by Ben Tucker

Seabury Quinn

Seabury Quinn presents in a series of articles within the pages of Weird Tales magazine various macabre and strange crimes perpetrated throu…

Weird Tales Double Feature: The Shadows & The Projection of Armand Dubois

Read by Ben Tucker

Henry S. Whitehead

Gather 'round for a pair of West Indies folk horror stories ripped from the pages of Weird Tales Magazine brought to you by master of the we…

The Scarecrow and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

G. Ranger Wormser

G. Ranger Wormser was a forgotten master of horror fiction, specializing in a kind of creeping dread and subtle psychological horror that wo…

Tales of War

Read by Ben Tucker

Lord Dunsany

Lord Dunsany brings his lucid and magical prose to the subject of the harsh realities of war by providing a series of vignettes that are at …

The Mantle and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

Celebrated Ukranian-born author Nikolai Gogol brings us this collection of masterfully grotesque and fantastical stories. These tales are fi…

The Wolves of God and Other Fey Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

Algernon Blackwood

Renowned author of weird fiction Algernon Blackwood, in collaboration with unknown author Wilfred Wilson, brings us a magical, sinster and e…

The Space-Eaters

Read by Ben Tucker

Frank Belknap Long

"A tremendous menace closed in upon the earth from outside the solar system—a powerful story of uncanny horror."Frank Belknap Long…

Ebenezer's Casket

Read by Ben Tucker

John Ulrich Giesy and Junius B. Smith

Ebenezer Clay isn't sick. He isn't suicidal. Despite that, he is absolutely sure that he will die tonight at 11:01 pm. The trouble is that n…

Big Sur

Read by Ben Tucker

Jack Kerouac

This classic of the beatnik era from famous bohemian traveller Jack Kerouac focuses on Jack Dulouz, a thinly veiled Kerouac surrogate, and h…

The Souls of the Streets and Other Little Papers

Read by Ben Tucker

Arthur Ransome

Acclaimed British author Arthur Ransome presents us with a small collection of charming and wistful sketches on the character of the street,…

The Enormous Room

Read by Ben Tucker

H. L. Gold

When an ethnically diverse group of people are suddenly transported from a rollercoaster in an amusement park to a stark and alien room peop…

Weird Tales Double Feature: The Skull and The Bodymaster

Read by Ben Tucker

Harold Ward

Horror author Harold Ward is perhaps most well-known for his Doctor Death series of stories published in the 1930s. Before that, Ward relea…


Read by Ben Tucker

Robert Louis Stevenson

Master storyteller Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Kidnapped) brings us an entrancing and at times quite…

Seven Footprints to Satan

Read by Ben Tucker

Abraham Merritt

One wrong step and you owe Satan a service. Two wrong steps and you are his slave for a year. Three wrong steps and your are HIS, body and s…

The Red Laugh

Read by Ben Tucker

Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev

The reader is immersed in the Hellish madness of war through the eyes of a tired soldier losing his grip on reality, scarred physically and …

The Man with a Thousand Legs

Read by Ben Tucker

Frank Belknap Long

Ripped from the pages of legendary magazine Weird Tales comes this epistolary novelette of unspeakable, oozing horror! In this bizarre tale …

The Great Return

Read by Ben Tucker

Arthur Machen

The small Welsh town of Llantrisant has experienced something unusual... Something wonderful... Something even miraculous. It only lasted a …

Weird Tales Double Feature: The Death Pit & In Kashla's Garden

Read by Ben Tucker

Oscar Schisgall

Incredibly prolific author Oscar Schisgall, who contributed over 4,000 stories to publications like Reader's Digest and Colliers, published …

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