The Keeper of the Bees

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(4.4 stars; 18 reviews)

Threatened with isolation in a sanitorium for tuberculosis, a young soldier escapes and finds himself healing in a paradisal bee-garden by the ocean, tending bees which he knows nothing about, and other unlikely charges who in their circuitous ways, challenge him to discover love. (summary by Czandra) (14 hr 7 min)


Chapter 1 - His own man 14:54 Read by czandra
Chapter 2 - The great adventure 20:36 Read by KevinS
Chapter 3 - The bee master 45:59 Read by czandra
Chapter 4 - In the garden of the bees 21:44 Read by Christine Rottger
Chapter 5 - The little scout 46:10 Read by Christine Rottger
Chapter 6 - "Good master, what shall I do?" 33:51 Read by czandra
Chapter 7 - The storm woman 25:21 Read by Margaret Herbers
Chapter 8 - A new kind of wedding 58:28 Read by RK Wilcox
Chapter 9 - Vitamines and Scouts 56:21 Read by RK Wilcox
Chapter 10 - Because of God 40:36 Read by czandra
Chapter 11 - The aroma of a spirit and a flower 41:41 Read by TR Love
Chapter 12 - Seeing through veiled places 58:54 Read by TR Love
Chapter 13 - The keeper of the bees 1:03:23 Read by TR Love
Chapter 14 - The home-made miracle 43:56 Read by TR Love
Chapter 15 - Reaping the whirlwind 32:02 Read by czandra
Chapter 16 - The partnership baby 38:12 Read by RK Wilcox
Chapter 17 - The interloper 41:59 Read by Wallace Morgan
Chapter 18 - The little scout on the warpath 39:18 Read by czandra
Chapter 19 - The province of a friend 28:19 Read by czandra
Chapter 20 - The scout mutiny 37:17 Read by RK Wilcox
Chapter 21 - Then comes a vision 19:10 Read by czandra
Chapter 22 - The magnificent lie 10:15 Read by czandra
Chapter 23 - Still adventuring 29:24 Read by KevinS


A tale well told.

(4 stars)

There are only a few characters in this book, but they are distinctive and memorable. This vintage book is full of humor, sights, smells, humming of bees, sunlight and old fashioned values. I would like to know these people. I found it delightful. There are multiple readers which usually put me off on audio books, but this one is an exception. I enjoyed them all.

Another Masterpiece

(5 stars)

I felt like the name of this book was so boring, so I almost didn't read it! I am so glad I did! It is so beautifully written, has a great plot, and the imagery makes me see each scene in my mind as if I was there. I didn't want it to end.