Ebenezer's Casket

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.6 stars; 51 reviews)

Ebenezer Clay isn't sick. He isn't suicidal. Despite that, he is absolutely sure that he will die tonight at 11:01 pm. The trouble is that no one else seems to believe him. Check out this unusual story of human interest originally published in the pages of Weird Tales magazine. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (1 hr 34 min)


Chapter One 12:51 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter Two 10:11 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter Three 10:09 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter Four 14:01 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter Five 15:35 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter Six 11:05 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter Seven 10:09 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter Eight 10:07 Read by Ben Tucker



(5 stars)

Can say little without giving ' spoilers". The main character is sympathetically drawn and the story rolls along , alway holding the interest. All enhanced by Ben's wonderful narration. Please do more Mr. Tucker,


(5 stars)

Delightful story! Warms the cockles of your heart in just 1.5 hours, laughing the whole way. Even a blundering fool can end up doing something right. And the reader captured each step so well.

really good

(5 stars)

worth listening to. excellent reader.


(5 stars)

Clever, sweet little story, well read

THIS ....

(5 stars)

is absolutely, Sworn on the Heart of LibriVox, a must listen!

(4 stars)

Great reader. An unusual little story with a nice twist.

really liked it

(4 stars)

bit of a twisted story

pretty good. great reader

(5 stars)

cool story.