The Dolliver Romance and Other Pieces

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.1 stars; 7 reviews)

This post-humous collection of stories, sketches and essays by celebrated quintessential New England author Nathaniel Hawthorne gives us glimpses of the many different facets of Hawthorne's personality. The titular tale The Dolliver Romance was an unfinished manuscript that was edited and prepared for publication after Hawthorne's death and relates the story of an aged man with a small child in his care who swallows a magical tincture daily that rejuvenates his vitality, reversing the aging process. Also in a more fantastical vein are the stories "The Ancient Ring", a legend told of a ring cursed, and "Graves a Goblins", a wryly humorous and moving tale from the point of view of a ghost. In addition, found within are non-fiction essays such as "Sketches from Memory" and "My Trip to Niagara" where Hawthorne evokes a sense of place and time in a most remarkable and vivid fashion. We also see Hawthorne's somber, allegorical side in stories such as "Fragments from the Journal of a Solitary Man" and "The Old Woman's Tale", stories told with a nuanced touch. For fans of Hawthorne, this collection provides a last look at various works a master storyteller has given so generously. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (5 hr 12 min)


I. A Scene from the Dolliver Romance 33:57 Read by Ben Tucker
II. Another Scene from the Dolliver Romance 24:52 Read by Ben Tucker
III. Another Fragment of the Dolliver Romance 36:01 Read by Ben Tucker
IV. Sketches from Memory 13:46 Read by Ben Tucker
V. Fragments from the Journal of a Solitary Man 33:31 Read by Ben Tucker
VI. My Visit to Niagara 17:01 Read by Ben Tucker
VII. The Antique Ring 30:19 Read by Ben Tucker
VIII. Graves and Goblins 19:12 Read by Ben Tucker
IX. Dr. Bullivant 18:52 Read by Ben Tucker
X. A Book of Autographs 37:52 Read by Ben Tucker
XI. An Old Woman's Tale 21:47 Read by Ben Tucker
XII. Time's Portraiture - Address 17:59 Read by Ben Tucker
XIII. "Browne's Folly" 7:26 Read by Ben Tucker


beautifully crafted words

(4 stars)

Thank you Mr Tucker

(3.5 stars)

Good job by the narrator, the beginning of a great story sadly unfinished.

Tantalizing collection...

(4 stars)

...and well-read for Librivox.