The Shrine of Death and Other Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.1 stars; 11 reviews)

Lady Emilia Dilke was a renowned author, art historian and women's activist whose supernatural weird tales often had a haunting dreamlike quality to them, some reading as esoteric and tragic fables of life and love lost with a touch of the gothic. Her prose is lyrical and eloquent, with strong characterizations and lush descriptions. Drift along with Lady Dilke as she takes you on a journey beyond reality into realms of death and magic where myths are real and what the heart desires is not always what is best. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (2 hr 1 min)


Preface 2:06 Read by Ben Tucker
The Shrine of Death 13:02 Read by Ben Tucker
The Silver Cage 8:08 Read by Ben Tucker
The Physician's Wife 16:22 Read by Ben Tucker
A Vision of Learning 17:08 Read by Ben Tucker
The Black Veil 5:22 Read by Ben Tucker
The Crimson Scarf 20:47 Read by Ben Tucker
The Secret 6:43 Read by Ben Tucker
The Serpent's Head 22:54 Read by Ben Tucker
The Voyage 8:35 Read by Ben Tucker


disconcerting stories well read

(3 stars)

This was not my cup of tea. The stories are decent and the reader excellent, but they were all too on the dark side for my taste. Others may enjoy them, so it may be worth a listen

Great language, great reader

(4 stars)

Great language, great reader