Israel: A Prince with God

Read by MaryAnn

(5 stars; 3 reviews)

An old-world story this! In its strange Eastern dress, it appears to be as remote from us as the garb of an Arab, or the barter of an Oriental Bazaar. And yet human life is much the same, whenever and wherever lived. Our critics complain of our poring over these timeworn pages of ancient biography, but, with all deference to them, we feel bound to say that we learn better how to live, we inhale more spiritual ozone, we see further into the reasons of God's dealings with men, when doing so, than when scanning the pages of yesterday's newspaper, or of a society journal. Thousands of miles cannot part us from our kin across the seas; and thousands of years cannot part us from our kin across the ages, or sever the readers of these words from the son of Isaac, who, nearly drowned in the seas of his own craft and cunning, at length emerged a new man, and a prince with God. (Adapted by MaryAnn from Chapter 1) (5 hr 5 min)


First Impressions 20:57 Read by MaryAnn
The Sale of the Birthright 22:48 Read by MaryAnn
The Stolen Blessing 21:27 Read by MaryAnn
The Angel-Ladder 20:31 Read by MaryAnn
The Noble Resolve 18:42 Read by MaryAnn
The Education of Home 18:05 Read by MaryAnn
The Mid-Passage of Life 15:04 Read by MaryAnn
The Stirring-up of the Nest 15:36 Read by MaryAnn
The Midnight Wrestle 21:14 Read by MaryAnn
Failure 17:52 Read by MaryAnn
Back to Bethel 15:04 Read by MaryAnn
The School of Sorrow 20:48 Read by MaryAnn
Glimpses of the Israel-Nature 18:39 Read by MaryAnn
Rest, and the Rest-Giver 20:39 Read by MaryAnn
Home: At Last! 18:01 Read by MaryAnn
The God of Jacob 19:34 Read by MaryAnn


What a blessing!

(5 stars)

Thank you, MaryAnn, for the wonderful reading. You don't know how much it has meant to enhance and enrich my understanding of Jacob/Israel, and spur on my walk with Christ. I very much appreciate you taking the time to present it so beautifully! FB Meyer is a treasure I've only recently discovered and I was super excited this was provided for us!