Revolt of the Birds

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.7 stars; 3 reviews)

As the butterfly is drawn by instinct over thousands of miles to its mate, so the man Hudson is drawn to a deadly island of terrors to the woman of his dreams. Hudson is found adrift on a sampan, seemingly drawn forth by a cloud in the riggings that suddenly lifts and soars off against the wind. We hear bits and pieces of Hudson's tale in fits and starts, his earlier life in a doomed long-distance romance, his eventual adventure on the China Seas. Written by Melville Davisson Post, noted author of primarily detective fiction including the long-running Uncle Abner series, The Revolt of the Birds is a strange tale of nested narratives and weird happenings encased in a ripping sea-faring yarn! (Summary by Ben Tucker) (1 hr 58 min)


Chapter I 33:55 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter II 36:52 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter III 47:49 Read by Ben Tucker